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The Steps You Should Follow About Relocate To Turkey

The Steps You Should Follow About Relocate To Turkey

Turkey a great land and biggest country with 83.2 million people. Turkey’s geographical location makes it more suitable for trade and transportation. Turkey has become 6th most popular tourist destination, and millions of visitors hit Turkey each year.

Turkey has become a leader in the medical sphere and one of the most successful international medical centers is running in Turkey. In recent year, increased privatization in the finance and economics industry have developed great interaction for foreign investment. Each year a great number of ex-pats moves toward Turkey just for investment or for employment reasons

Recent advancement and development in health, education, finance, and economics has been adding toward country tremendous growth and progress. If you have made an intimate decision of departure than;

• First check your applicability status, for this reason, one should contact a Turkish lawyer
• After applicability status check, go through requirement check for relocation
• Apply for a Turkey visa.

If someone moves to Turkey for employment reasons, then one must need to acquire a work permit issued by the ministry of labor and security. An independent work visa has also been issued by Turkish authority which is valid for 5 years. If you are moving to Turkey for investment reasons apply for a visa permit.

Visa Permit Types

• Long term visa permit
• Short term visa permit
• Family visa permit

How to Get a Citizenship in Turkey?

Getting citizenship is the easiest way to Relocating in Turkey;

• After living for 5 years in Turkey, one can obtain a Turkish passport if he or she marries Turkish nationals.
• Fast track citizenship program brought by real state purchase is another way of relocating in Turkey for foreign investors.
• The foreign visitor who has lived in Turkey for 5 years based on a residence permit and also has been brought some Turkish property can apply for citizenship in Turkey.
• The property of 1 million USD worth is essential for obtaining citizenship

Does Its Sound Good to Relocating to Turkey?

Turkey is of the most researched country, by those thinking of moving abroad to find an affordable and quality living. Turkey is a wonderful, blend of east and west and also beautiful climate to enjoy your rest of life under the blue sky of Turkey.

Although it’s pretty secular state. Political controversies and conservative social attitudes still prevailed in the country but it’s closer to Europe and most of the part following European trends and styles. Some part of rural areas is not overwhelming but still, life is peaceful as compared to many western countries.


Most of the ex-pats reviewed a country climate with a 5-star rating. The climate of Turkey is wonderful for a foreigner as Turkish people are friendly and congenial. Usually, a better value of money, have been provided in a Turkey

As compared to other western countries the cost of living is lower. The health industry is booming and providing equivalent services to European countries in the lower amount

Can I Get Quick Employment in Turkey?

To get employment, a work permit is essential for ex-pats. If a foreigner has citizenship than many companies don’t care about work permits. Foreigner with employment concerns, always recommended going for the international industry in Turkey.

For short time visit apply for E visa, via online portal. E visa is applicable for tourists and those who have e-commerce concerns” valid for 3 months” whereas If you have planned to stay for more than 90 days or lifetime apply for a permanent visa permit

Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey

If you have lived in Turkey for eight-year with a residence permit issued by the Turkish authorities then you are applicable for applying Turkish long-term residence permit. Apply through an online website working under the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs

After submission of your application, the system will be redirected to “the Central Appointment system”.The central appointment system will guide you about the farther process.

The next step is to book an appointment at the nearest office of the Director-General of Migration Management. There are also fees for the application and residence card. Anyone under 65 must have full health insurance — state or private — if they are applying for a Turkish residency permit.

Some Bit of Advice

No doubt, about the fact that Turkey is a complete package for foreigners who wish to relocate to Turkey. The health, life quality, beautiful land with better quality in less money compare to equivalents. On the other hand, Turkey is a country where 82% of people speak Turkish, people hardly understand English except in some urban areas.

The cultural difference might disappoint you, so it’s fine to do a pre-research about the country where you are going to relocate but the actual experience is always different. It has always been recommended to first spend the time on the place before applying for permanent residency in-country.

Try to search for different places for living in Turkey. Opt that area for your home in a new country where the foreign community is already living it will be very helpful for you in adjusting in the new climate. For example, Altinkum, Little Britain, the place where the largest British communities live. The place includes cafés, British pubes, and the restaurant. The community comes with all the British stuff, so you won’t miss traditional British taste here. Antalya region also have a European taste and international look. Mostly global ex-pats are living there.