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The Mystical Nemrut Mountain

The Mystical Nemrut Mountain

If history fascinates you, Turkey will definitely seem a very attractive destination. With a very rich history, the country still has several historical sites that are a treasure trove for any history lover. However, most people think that the historical sites in Turkey are limited to mosques and bridges. But the truth is there are more wonderful architectures and structures that will amaze you to no end. One of them is Mount Nemrut.

Where Is Nemrut Mountain

Nemrut mountain is located in the city of Adiyaman which located at south-eastern part of Turkey and stands tall against the sky. The view in and around this mountain is so scenic that you will want to stay there for a while. What is so different about this mountain is, however, not its beauty, but the many majestic statues near the top of Nemrut mountain.

Nemrut Mountain Majestic Statues

The statues are said to be standing guard on a royal tomb that dates back to as long as the first century BC. The gray concrete head bust statues have captivated the imagination of historians around the world. It is believed that the statues where once seated, with names on Gods inscribed on them. Unfortunately, they have been destroyed and what remains now are the heads and the bodies separated and scattered around the site.
It is still a location that will make you mystified, especially if history is a subject you love. Even if you have no interest in the history, visit the Nemrut mountain once to just look around the fantastic statues.

Visit Turkey for a Memorable Holiday

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that nature have been biased when blessing Turkey. The scenic landscape of the country is a treat for sore eyes. If you are an avid traveler, Turkey should definitely be on your bucket list. Even if you are not, visit this country just to have a memorable holiday with your family, take Instagram worthy lovely pictures and make everyone else jealous.