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The Glorious Antalya Turkey: A Centre of Ancient & Modern Excellence

The Glorious Antalya Turkey: A Centre of Ancient & Modern Excellence

The city of Antalya Turkey is hailed as one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Having deep roots in history, this city is home to several architectural wonders as well as neighboring archeological sites that have unearthed many truths regarding the empires that once ruled over this city of splendid natural beauty.

Feeling awe for this city comes naturally when you will behold its lovely narrow streets that are beautifully rimmed with impressive wooden houses or when you discover the many amazing attractions that all of Antalya Turkey has to offer for tourists of all types. Besides holding a significant cultural value, this city has prospered specifically due to its contributions to both the agriculture industry and the tourism industry. Together, these industries have paved the way to attract foreign investors to invest in the city’s real estate market for the past decade.

Origins of Antalya Turkey

It might be unknown to many but the land of Antalya Turkey was ruled over by four types of empires in its early days by namely the Romans, the Byzantines, the Seljuks, and the Ottomans. Founded by Attalus II of Pergamum who named the city after himself in the 1st century BC, this city once also belonged to Italy in 1918 until it was reclaimed by the armies of Atatürk in 1921.

The region of Antalya contains several important buildings including The Hidirlik Kulesi that was originally constructed as a lighthouse in the second century to support the Marina that is today quite populous for several fantastic reasons. The various monumental wonders that were individually constructed during the respective times of the various rulers are still preserved in the city alongside modern architectural brilliance that serves to attract travelers and enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Antalya Attractions

It will require enormous time to completely familiarise yourself with the comprehensive list of all the wonderful attractions this city has to offer. However, the below-mentioned locations are among the most favored by tourists and historians so read on to learn more about what you must inevitably behold on your next journey to Antalya Turkey.

Kaleici and Hadrian’s Gate

This is one of the most famous landmarks of the city that is graced by various ancient buildings that have been ideally restored to preserve the culture of the early 130 AD architecture. Surrounding this marvel, you can find a revered mosque named Tekeli Mehmet Pasa that was built in the 18th century alongside an old church belonging to Byzantine rule.

A little further away from the location of this site, you can also spot beautiful and old Ottoman houses out of which a few are converted into prestigious restaurants and boutiques.

Myra Ancient Ruins

This fascinating site is located in the Demre area of Antalya where you can behold both the ancient theatre and the Lycian tombs that are carved inside the hill strategically with the belief that the dead may easily pass away to the afterlife. Another fantastic attraction at this location is the Saint Nicholas Church that is to date admired by all the tourists who fancy its heritage.


Holding its origins and importance since the 12th century, the location of Perge holds great significance in the Christian religion because it was from here did the great Saint Paul preached and started his journey to spread the word which has also earned this location a place in the list of UNESCO’s heritage sites.

Yivli Minareli Mosque

Commonly also known as the Ulu Mosque, the Yivli Minarelli is an elegant construction of Turkish Architecture that boasts a multi-domed mosque that stands with the support of twelve sturdy columns whose construction can be dated to the year 1373. Undeniably this wonder is also listed in the UNESCO sites which ensure that it is preserved well with the help of the local national authorities.

Additional attractions that you can discover in Antalya include Aspendos, Termessos, Phaselis, Olympos, Alanya Castle, Apollo Temple, and so on. So, be sure to include them in your list of itineraries, should you desire to imbibe and experience the complete wonders of Antalya Turkey.

Economical Importance of Antalya Turkey

Several enterprises in Turkey have favorably assisted the city of Antalya in growing its infrastructure which has then led to remarkable growth in the real estate market. The rapid growth of this city can also be attributed to its increasing population which comprises mostly of foreign investors buying properties for residential and commercial purposes. Beyond this, the primary two industries that have supported the economy of Antalya are as follows:


The city of Antalya Turkey observes an influx of nearly 200,000 in each season at its various historical attractions and in the year 2020, Antalya saw nearly 3 million tourists visiting its various destinations which also includes naturally beautiful places such as the Düden Waterfalls, Lara Beach, Tünektepe Hill and so on.

Since 35% of the tourism market of all of Turkey is dependent on Antalya, it can be said that Antalya primarily contributed majorly to the Nation’s economic share which is further only boosted by locally hosting conventions related to hunting, winter sports, trekking, etc.


The climate and the geographical location of Antalya favor the growth of lush vegetation in the city out of which nearly 20% is used for industrial cultivation while the rest is covered with meadows, pastures, and forests. Antalya is a well known domestic exporter of vegetables, fruits, and flowers to its own country that alternatively also supports local small businesses such as Tea Mills, Bakeries, etc. This establishes the role of Antalya as a formidable participant in the nation’s agricultural sector.

Final Words

While Antalya Turkey has several many opportunities to offer to people of various backgrounds and sk