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The Facts You Never Knew About Marrying A Turkish Woman

The Facts You Never Knew About Marrying A Turkish Woman

Can a foreign man get married to Turkish women? Yes, any foreign man can marry a Turkish woman, with proper legislation designed by Turkey government.
The Turkish family law has been providing various rights to their citizen and for those who relocate here.

•    Getting married
•    Getting a divorced

A Foreigner Who Wishes to Marry a Turkish Woman Need to Know the Following

In Turkey only civil marriages are legal. Religious marriages have no legal binding. After performing a civil marriage, one can go for their religious marriage. Those foreigners or residents who don’t have legal permission in their own country to perform marriage can’t perform a marriage in Turkey.

For marrying a Turkish woman, you need legal proof as a witness of your marriage permission in your own country. If Turkish women are going to marry foreign nationals, then both need to go for Turkish authority. Those who want to get married to Turkish women, in front of Turkish authority.

He needs to follow the following points;

•    At the time of marriage both future spouse, Age should be 18 years, no minimum age than 17 is accepted.
•    Mental, health certificate required for both.
•    If a foreign male, is going to do second marriage with Turkish women. He needs to submit proof of divorce.

Marriage of Turkish Women

•    If a Turkish woman is going for second marriage. She needs to meet the following.
•    Women future spouse must be male also conditional for first marriage
•    Those women who got divorced before must have to wait for 300 days for their second marriage.

Marriage Registration in Turkey

•    Marriage Registration documents must be filled by the future spouse before the marriage ceremony.
•    Two witnessed are required for marriage.
•    Before religious marriage, legal or civil marriage registration is necessary.
•    If a male spouse does not hold Turkish nationality
•    A foreign citizen living in a Turkey and wishes to marry a Turkish female
•    The citizen living in Turkey must have to show a work permit or residence permit.
•    Valid residence or work permit at the time of marriage with Turkish women
•    Arrive 5 days earlier before marriage, so can be able to perform legal paperwork.
•    A foreign must hold a letter issued from Country consulate or embassy give him or her permission to get married in any other country
•    All the marriages organized in Turkey has been recognized as internationally
•    The documents required to marry a Turkish woman in Turkey
•    Passport/identification for a foreigner, with a valid tourist visa, translated into Turkish by Turkish consulate.
•    Health certificate, issued by central examination center in Turkey or from any internationally organized medical center accepted in Turkey
•    Full birth certificate, translated in Turkey language
•    Decree absolute (in case of divorce)
•    If widowed, previous husband death certificate
•    6 passport-sized photos
•    Letter of accommodation in case of any foreigner citizen

Are Turkish Women Marriages with Foreign Nationals Quite Frequent?

Marrying a foreign national has been getting a rise in recent Turk’s generation. The reason behind the trend in the recent generation is just because mostly ignore their cultural and religious differences.

According to a report published in Turkish newspaper daily, Sabah revealed through survey conduction that marriages between Turk nationals and foreigns are not long-lasting and often ends to divorce after a relatively short period. The leading reason behind the failure of these marriages are cultural differences and not the religious one

Turkish Women Living Abroad

Based on a recent study, 3.9 percent of marriages in Germany belong to Turk –German marriages.

The study also revealed that Turkish women finding their spouse from abroad usually preferred German man, so that why the percentage of German –Turks marriage is quite high as compare to Turks and other national. Whereas Turkish and American women do not bring any positive aspect as 71 percent of marriage ended. Cultural issues are elite issue behind the divorce and religious issues are not in the main light.