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The Beautiful Picturesque City of Bursa, Turkey

The Beautiful Picturesque City of Bursa, Turkey

Looking for Instagram worthy picturesque locations in Turkey? Look no further than Bursa, a charming city in the northwest Turkey. It lies at the foothill of a mountain and so the scenic beauty of Bursa is out of this world. It is also known as Yesil Bursa, which means Green Bursa, owing to its many natural parks and greenery. This is a city that you should definitely include in your tour plan when visiting Turkey because it is historical, beautiful and offers unique experiences.

Why Should You Visit Bursa?

The city with the backdrop of Uludag mountain is a treat for the eyes. But it is not the only reason why you should visit this quaint city. Being one of the most important part of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa houses a number of beautiful and ancient mosques. These mosques not only have historical values, but their architecture is stunning as well.
Another magnificent piece of architecture is the Brown Bridge or the Irgandi bridge. This Ottoman built structure still stands strong and as a reminiscent of the glorious bygone days. But what is so special about this bridge that makes it worth visiting? The answer is its unique architecture. This bridge is a covered bridge and houses a small bazaar. Such covered bridges with markets within are very rare. This Brown Bridge of Turkey is one of the three worldwide.

A Relaxing Holiday

It is often said that if you really want to get to know a country, trod off the beaten path. Meaning don’t just follow what other tourists do, instead do your own research and visit the places less talked about. Bursa is one such city that is not crowded by tourists but has so much to offer to its visitors.
Hence, if you are planning to visit Turkey anytime in the future, make sure to add Bursa to your list of places to visit in Turkey. It will enable you to witness one of the few three spectacles in the world — the covered Irgandi Bridge with its small market inside.