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The 10 Enemies of Marriage

The 10 Enemies of Marriage

Enemies of marriage – we do not think about it but it is important. Marriage is a very holy institution that binds two individuals in an eternal bond. But the bond sometimes becomes brittle and prone to breakage thanks to the enemies of marriageThe divorce rate has increased worldwide with people forgetting their marriage vows and breaking off this holy union. And, even if they do not realise it, the main reason for the breaking of their holy union is the marriage enemies that slowly cause the two individuals to drift apart. So, if you want to save your marriage, make sure you know and avoid these enemies at all cost.

What Are the Enemies of Marriage?

To avoid the deadly enemies of marriage, you must know about them first, because knowledge will give you power. Once you know about them, you can keep a lookout and avoid the enemies to keep your marriage intact. Here are the 10 enemies of marriage you should know about and watch out for.


This is possibly the biggest enemy of marriage. You must trust your spouse and not nag them all the time. You must do your spousal duties, be faithful to your partner and trust that your husband or wife will do the same. If you have any doubts regarding anything your spouse is doing, talk to them but don’t let mistrust come in between you and your partner. Stay true, believe that your spouse will be loyal to you too and don’t let his enemy of marriage break your bond.

Not praying

You must pray every day and make sure your spouse does the same. Praying every day keeps your mind calm, focused and restores inner peace. When you are calm and peaceful, you can avoid fights and arguments, the two very deadly enemies of marriage. With both of you regularly praying, you can talk out all your differences in a calm manner, maintaining peace at home. And, peaceful home is a haven for a happy, long, prosperous marriage.

Not communicating

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your marriage is not communicating with your spouse. The gap that is created can be easily filled by a third person. Slowly the enemies of your marriage will take over and there will be a break in your bond. Make sure you sit down with your partner every day and talk about all the things that concern you and your partner. Everyone is busy, but it is crucial that you take out time for your marriage.


You should never cross the boundary of respect and disrespect your spouse. Whatever disagreements you have, communicate politely and talk about it with your partner. Never raise your voice, do not call each other names and do not say anything hurtful. The other enemies of marriage can make a place in your bond and break up your holy union if you disrespect each other. Hence do not let this big enemy of your marriage come in between the love you and your partner share with each other.

Lack of sex

The holy union of marriage also stands of the foundation of bodily cravings. Denying your partner sexual pleasure will break your marriage bonds and it will be irretrievable. Your partner should have the right to your mind, soul as well as body. You and your partner should share all three connections. In absence of any of the connections, your marriage can fall apart. This is not a much talked about the enemy of marriage but it is, nevertheless, one of the deadly enemies of marriageShare the love in mind, body and soul and your marriage will last forever.

Ignoring each other

Keeping the love alive in your marriage is important to make it work. One of the biggest enemies of marriage that leads to divorce is ignoring each other. Take out time to sit down and talk, spend time doing what both of you love, spice up your sex life and be there for each other. If you keep attending to each other’s needs, you will never allow the enemies of marriage to break down your holy union.

Being Selfish

Just doing what you love every time and not thinking about the likes and dislikes of your spouse is a very big enemy of marriage. See if your spouse has eaten before you eat, notice if your partner is happy, do the things your partner likes and surprise your spouse with what they love. These are secrets to a happy married life. Ignoring these and being selfish will let the enemies of marriage break up your union.

Taking for granted

Never ever take your marriage and your spouse for granted. Be thankful to God every day for your marriage and show your love, care to your partner every single day.

Not sharing

Share the good things and the bad if you want to keep the deadly enemies of marriage at bay. Share your workload, the financial burden and bringing up children. It should be both your work to build a home with love.

Not caring

The biggest mistake you can make in your marriage is not caring about your partner. Take care of your spouse when they are sick, when they feel sad and when they need you. Your children will learn from you too on how to keep a marriage happy.

Prayers Against Enemies of Marriage

Do everything as given above to keep your marriage safe. Don’t let the above-mentioned 10 enemies of marriage break you apart from your partner as it has done with so many others. But also, pray every day to keep away the enemies of marriageThere are prayers against enemies of marriage that will help you to keep your marriage safe and last forever. Recite the prayers every day and keep the deadly enemies of marriage away from your holy union. Marriage is a blessing of God and you make sure it remains so.

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