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Swelling of Feet and Solutions During Pregnancy

Swelling of Feet and Solutions During Pregnancy

The swelling of feet and solutions during pregnancy is said to be the most searched term in pregnant women. Your belly won’t be the only thing that is swelling during your pregnancy days. During these days, you will experience swelling in your various body parts especially, in your feet and ankles, thanks to the law of gravity.

The days of pregnancy are magical as you will get to know how miraculously you can visit the washroom and live near it to avoid struggling. You may be eagerly waiting for your sweet bundle of joy to be born-but the swelling will make sure that you visit the less magical and happening part of the pregnancy.

Your body will change rapidly and that will make it more uncomfortable. Swollen feet are one of the most discomforting changes that happen during pregnancy. Let’s get some information about the swelling of feet and solution during pregnancy.

When does swelling of feet start?

The swelling should be limited to your feet and ankles. Your fingers might get a little larger than normal but it won’t mean that your fingers are swollen too. Swelling of feet likely to occur later in the day and that is due to gravity. Extra fluid will sink down to your feet and that causes swelling feet.

It is perfectly common and about three-quarters of women suffer from the swelling of feet during pregnancy. It can start around the 22nd week to the 27th week of the pregnancy and will stick with you until you give birth to the little one. The bright side during pregnancy is that after a few months, you won’t be able to see anything below your belly anyway.

If you spend a lot of your time on your feet during the pregnancy period then the chance of swelling feet will be high. Gradual swelling is normal and it is not harmful to you or your baby, however, it can feel uncomfortable.

What causes swelling feet?

It occurs when body fluids increase to nurture both you and your baby and accumulate in your tissues due to increased blood flow and pressure of your growing uterus. If your weight gain is on the faster side then you may sport more swelling of feet.

What follows is the time when you can expect puffing feet:

First trimester

Your digestion will be down due to the increasing levels of a hormone called progesterone. This will cause abdominal bloating even before you have your baby bump. It is when you will notice a bit of swelling in feet, hands, or face.

Second trimester

It will begin from week 13 of your pregnancy and at this time, swelling feet will be a common thing. You will notice swelling feet if you stay too much on your feet or the weather is hot. This swelling will occur due to the increased level of blood and fluids in your body. You will have a 50 percent blood volume increase during the course of pregnancy.

These extra fluids will soften your body and prepare it for giving birth- and that is what you need. You need not worry as all these extra fluids will decrease when you have given birth.

Third trimester

One of the most common times to have swelling feet starts from week 28 of pregnancy. As you reach near 40 weeks, your toes will resemble little sausage. Your body will continue to produce and supply extra fluids and blood, which might contribute to swelling feet during pregnancy.

As your baby is growing with each passing week, your uterus will be heavier and that will slow the blood flow from the legs back to the heart. You need not worry as it is completely normal, it is just uncomfortable.

Other factors are:

  • Caffeine intake
  • Drinking less water
  • Being on your feet for too long
  • Hot weather
  • Dietary imbalance

Swelling of feet and solutions during pregnancy:

Various factors contribute to the swelling feet phenomena during the pregnancy. They may or may not be painful, but they are uncomfortable for sure. So, what will you do for swelling of feet and solution during pregnancy?

Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to ease your swelling of feet. That may involve snacks, cold drinks, swimming, massage, and your favorite part- shoe shopping. Doesn’t sound amazing?

Swelling of feet and their solutions during pregnancy involves:

Reduce sodium intake

Sodium is the main cause of swelling of feet during pregnancy. If you want to avoid swelling of feet, the best solution during pregnancy is to limit your sodium intake in your food. Try to avoid processed food as they are very high in sodium.

Use savory herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and oregano will give you the much-needed flavor after the absence of salt.

Stay cool

If you are pregnant during hot summer time then keeping yourself cool is very essential. Avoid going out on a hot day and avoid vigorous exercise routine will help you keep cool during hot day and that will help you reduce swelling.

Wear cool clothes, keep a fan nearby, or put a cold compress on your feet will help you in reducing the swelling of feet.

Sleeping on the left side will help

It is a known fact that sleeping on the left side increases blood flow and that is what you will need during swelling. Increased blood flow will reduce the swelling of feet. Sleeping on the left side will also take pressure away from your uterus and the inferior vena cava.

Drink as much water as you can

It may sound strange to put more fluid in the body but in order to counteract swelling of feet, drink as much water as you can. If your body thinks you are dehydrated then it will hold more fluid to compensate for the dehydration and that will lead to more swelling of the feet.

Try to drink at least 10 glasses per day to keep your kidneys flushing bad fluids out of your body and keep you hydrated.

All in all, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it is totally worth the discomfort, pain, mood swings, and unlimited visits to the washrooms. Hope this guide regarding ‘Swelling of feet and solutions during Pregnancy’ will help you know this common problem easily.