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Some of the Famous Victorian Celebrities

Some of the Famous Victorian Celebrities

The Victorian Celebrities that existed during the Victorian era are responsible for many significant influences on the present culture who were themselves only popular figures, save for a few, during their times of existence. Their times were that of great human absolution and indulgence in the face of the various developments of the society where the many facilities we today enjoy were either a matter of luxury or utter prohibition.

The existence of these popular Victorian Celebrities is incrementally crucial as their activities and decisions, for better or for worse, indefinitely changed the shape of human society.

Victorian Celebrities of Prestige & Eminence and their Contributions

Since the technology we know now, was then merely a sapling in the ground of human capabilities, we can only learn so much about them because of our limited knowledge about them based on their contributions to history.

The following few but noteworthy Victorian Celebrities have been either famous or important personalities due to their position, abilities, or endeavors during their existence in the victorian era:

1.     Queen Victoria

Among the other prominent Victorian Celebrities during the Victorian era, the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria was perhaps the most crucial period in human history. She restored the British Monarchy to its glory by establishing and ruling over an Empire so big, it evidently encompassed a quarter of the globe. Her civic duties were further instrumental in establishing Britain as the most powerful nation in the whole world. She also introduced the Victorian Cross, a meritorious reward for bravery.

2.     Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

She became the first female doctor to qualify in England after which, she opened medical schools for women. She was also the first provisioner of women’s education in the field of medicine during the time of the Industrial Revolution in England.

3.     Alexander Graham Bell

One of the great inventors during his time, Alexander Graham Bell is popular for his invention of the Telephone. But unknown to many, he also invented and patented 30 other inventions which include the audiometer that is still used to date to test the hearing of a person. The ‘decibel’ that we know today as a unit for measuring the loudness of a sound was also named after him.

4.     Lewis Carroll

An author of the popular children’s book named ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and other noteworthy works, Lewis Carroll also wrote about the subject of ‘Symbolic Logic’. It is to date used in creating Artificial Intelligence along with the use of his method of solving problems with the help of negation, conjunction, implication plus logical charts.

5.     Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a famous Author, Journalist, Novelist, and Actor who is responsible for providing us with the cultural phenomenon of Christmas as we know it today. He also influenced cinema by the means of inventing the ‘parallel montage’ and the ‘close-up’ feature which is equally noteworthy among his other contributions in different fields such as in Journalism, the English Language, and Victorian Social reform to name a few.

6.     Arthur Conan Doyle

An esteemed writer who is still celebrated today for his important contribution to literature as being the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a polymath with diverse interests in travel, politics, science, and the occult. He later also became a physician but his literary feats to date serve to influence the media thereby earning him a rightful place permanently in the list of Victorian Celebrities.

7.     Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison not only invented the famed Light bulb but he also invented the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera besides also making contributions in improving the telegraph and the telephone. He was also a smart businessman who marketed his invention of Direct Current(DC) Electricity and Alkaline batteries which greatly supported the Industrial sector and following scientific inventions.

8.     Mary Ann Evans

Known by her pen name of  ‘George Elliot’, Mary Ann Evans was a prolific writer and a novelist who was also a translator. She is credited by the Oxford Dictionary to invent the term Pop and her notable literary works include Adam Bede, Scenes of CLericla Life, The Mill on the Floss, etc. She was also a poet whose works were adored by the late Virginia Woolf.

9.     Florence Nightingale

Popularly known as the ‘Ministering Angel’ or the ‘Lady with the Lamp’, Florence Nightingale was a statistician and a social reformer. Her significant contributions include but aren’t limited to nursing wounded soldiers on the battlefield besides also being the founder of the Nightingale School of Nursing. Her compassion, commitment to patient care, and diligent hospital administration earned her the title of being ‘The Founder of Modern Medicine’.

10. Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who contributed to the fields of evolutionary biology, philosophy of science, and the modern zeitgeisty which earns him a well-deserved reputation among Victorian Celebrities. His Theory of Evolution and contribution to the field of genetics are considered crucial in driving today’s technological and scientific advancements.

11. Emily Dickinson

A gifted and celebrated American poetess, writer, and novelist, Emily Dickinson, and her literary works still serve to influence and motivate women. She also influenced poetry in the 20th-century by her varied writing style which includes mention of her feelings and emotions which taught future writers to do the same thereby crowning her as one of the greatest poets of all time.

12. Louise May Alcott

An American poet & writer, Louise May Alcott was a civil war nurse and a social reformer who besides creating the exceedingly influential novel ‘Little Women’ fought against slavery and women’s rights. She secretly wrote pulp fiction and was socially connected to famous personalities such as Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

13. Marie Curie

The first person to ever receive two Nobel prizes, Marie Curie was a scientist with significant interests in chemistry. With her immense drive fueled by her curious mind, vast knowledge, and her husband, she discovered polonium and radium besides also establishing the use of radiation in medicine. Her discovery of the phenomenon of radioactivity and radioactive elements has earned her the title of  the ‘Woman who Changed Science’.

14. Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was a writer, poet, and editor who influenced not only American literature but also international literature. He is hailed to be the first writer to develop the genre of horror and detective fiction with his works that illustrated and portrayed both paranormal subjects and morbid beauty. His poems based on the theme of human emotions such as sadness, loneliness, and despair along with his other literary prowess further makes him one of the unmissable Victorian Celebrities.

15. Oscar Wilde

Among all the Victorian Celebrities, Oscar Wilde holds a varied reputation for being a novelist, playwright, and poet who shocked England with his scandalous behavior and literary works that despised and depicted a mirror to Victorian England. He broadened the scope of the 19th Century literature by advocating art to exist for the sake of art. His contributions to the theater are also noteworthy as he became the first to support the development of modernism.

Final Words

The Victorian era also saw the rise of other eminently prominent Victorian figures who contributed greatly to human history by their prowess and advancements in various fields of science, language, philosophy, and so on. Personalities such as Nikola Tesla, Walt Whitman, Hary Houdini, Hellen Keller, and other Victorian Celebrities played a significant role in shaping the human culture and society that we’re surrounded by today.