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Social Activities in Turkey: The Most Two Activities That Turkish Peoples Often Do

Social Activities in Turkey: The Most Two Activities That Turkish Peoples Often Do

Turkey, a transcontinental country in Eurasia where is located at the crossroads of the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and the eastern Mediterranean. The culture of Turkey combines a heavily diverse and heterogeneous set of elements from these areas, some dating back centuries and others or more recent heritage. Below we will give little information about the most two social activities that Turkish people usually do.

Sipping Tea and Chatting with Friends

This one cannot be left if we discuss social activities in Turkey.

When we asked Turkish peoples, “What’s a particular activity that you do?”, the answer will be: sitting down with peoples and chatting with friends. Yeah, this’s shown, how they are giving so much value to the quality time.


Turkish Tea: The National Beverage

You may think that drinking some tea while chatting is a usual activity. But this thing is another level in Turkey!

You may be surprised at how this is so popular there. On the corner streets, the workplaces, restaurants, cafés, game rooms. I mean, like, everywhere! Tea is a constant feature that simply can be found wherever people may have reason to gather.

Turkish tea is a strong dark red brew served in a tulip-shaped glass. More than that, tea is not just something that you sip when you are having a conversation. This has been like a ritual, where drinking tea together symbolizes hospitality and good intention.

Just for your information, Turkey is the biggest tea-drinking nation in the world; 6.87 kg per capita per year. You can imagine how love to enjoy doing any kind of social activity accompanied by tea. Mostly when their gathering with relatives.

Having Intense Relationship with Tavla

Tavla is a two-player game where each player has fifteen pieces that move between twenty-four triangles according to the roll of two dice. Tavla is the Turkish name for backgammon. The rules are similar but not exactly the same as Western backgammon.

This game is deeply rooted in Turkish culture. One Turk said to me that Tavla is a game that almost every Turk obsessed with. Other Turk said that Tavla can give you an overview of players’ characters. There are many perspectives on it.

Laughable Consequence

But above all of it, the most interesting fact is a tradition where you put the closed up tavla under your armpit, and then they say, “Go learn how to play and come back.” That’s dope. Here a little peak that could make you smile.