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Ship Maintenance Service in Turkey

Ship Maintenance Service in Turkey

When it comes to the maritime industry in Turkey, it is one of the top investment sectors in the country, covering huge support for Turkey’s economy. There are a number of companies in Turkey offering a range of ship repair and maintenance services in the Turkish ports and yards. Whether there is a dry cargo vessel, tanker, LPG ships, or dredgers, ship maintenance services are something that is in great demand in the country.

Opening a company in the Turkish maritime industry can be proved to be more attractive and profitable, especially when a large number of relevant activities and services are offered. Among them, ship repair and maintenance are considered as one of the best services to offer.

Though the requirements for opening a company offering repair and maintenance services for ships and boats are not much rigorous as compared to a maritime transportation company, many investors are showing interest in this business.

Registering Ship Maintenance and Repair Business in Turkey

If you want to invest in the business for repair and maintenance of ships and boats, you are allowed to choose one of the ports or shipyards from where you can operate your business. The foreign investors, who are interested in opening this business, have to find an appropriate business form, and register their business with the relevant authorities in the country.

Moreover, you can also take the help of a law firm in Turkey for assistance regarding the registration procedure of your company. (you can visit

Types of Shop Maintenance Services You Can Offer

Turkish ports are not just a destination for ships and boats; they host a number of vessels. Among them, pleasure boats are used to offer the cruise services, while large vessels are used for transporting goods. The services required by these vessels include:

●    Technical repair and maintenance
●    Mechanical repair and maintenance
●    Repair services after collisions
●    Electrical repair and maintenance
●    Hydraulic repair and maintenance
●    Even underwater repair services

If you are planning to invest in a company to offer boats and ship repair and maintenance services, you must first consult the Turkish lawyer to understand the complete procedure. Be a part of the Turkish maritime industry!