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Residence Permit in Turkey: Where and How to Apply

Residence Permit in Turkey: Where and How to Apply

Have a plan to make a residence permit in Turkey? Just some years ago, you are required to attend the immigration office or police station in order to apply for residence permit. But not quite so now.

Civilization Is Growing

The digital age makes things becomes easier and easier. Many stuffs could be done by mobile device or computer. Such as applying for residence permit.

It helps you to prepare the document and make an appointment date without having to go there first. Foreigners just need to enter to the Directorate General of Migration Management online website. There, they have provided residence services and some important information.

If you get confused about something, they also have a particular page on the website where you can ask them about residence permit stuffs.

3 Steps to Follow for Your Residence Permit

Here, we gave you an overview about what might you do to apply for residence permit staying longer in Turkey.

STEP 1: Watch Your Visa, E-Visa, or Visa-Exemption Expiration Date.
First and foremost, you are required to have one of these three. It is indeed the substantial requirement to enter Turkey when you do not have the residence permit yet.

The time limit varies between 30, 60, until 90 days depend on foreigners’ nationality.
Make sure that you apply for a residence permit before the expiration date. If you are in your home country, it is suggested to extend your Visa before take-off if the period limit is not much left.

Except for Touristic Visa, it is eligible to extend your Visa via online. But if it is not the case, you will most likely to leave Turkey and reapply for another e-Visa.

If foreigners are overstaying in Turkey more than 10 days from their visa expiry date, their staying becomes illegal, they would get fine, and they can be banned from re-entering Turkey.

STEP 2: Start the Online Application and Make the Appointment Date

Enter to the Directorate General of Migration Management online website. You will choose the ‘E-Residence’ service. It will lead you to E-Ikamet Residence Application page.

Complete the online form carefully. Make sure to fill it without any single mistake. Because of online, it is possible to apply for Residence Permit when you still in your home country.

However, you are required to input a Turkish local address in order to determine where the immigration office you need to attend.

So, it will be much helpful if you have known where you will stay for a while after you arrive in Turkey. The time frame of appointment date varies between one to another applicant depend on the address and the amount of applicant in that time.

Remember your appointment date. It is wise to not missed it. Although not a big deal –you could really for another residence permit without any fin–, it will take addition time which might be long.
And worse, the new appointment date might exceed the visa expiration date. Who knows? So, careful.

STEP 3: Go to the Immigration Office (iResidence Office).

After a ‘long’ wait, the due date finally comes. Prepare all the required document to bring with you. Check carefully. Make sure that your document is 100% suit and complete.

Then, go to the iResidence Office where you should attend. There, you will match the document you have submitted in the online application with the real ones.

You will be asked to pay for e-ikamet ID card fee. According to a trustworthy source, the fee is about 110 TL in 2020.

Good luck for you!