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Parental Attitudes and Its Importance in Child-Rearing

Parental Attitudes and Its Importance in Child-Rearing

Parental attitudes have a lot of impact on child-rearing. It is said that children learn more from your actions than from listening to what you have to say. This is why it is so important to be careful of your attitudes and actions when raising children.

It has been seen that parental attitude towards child-rearing is mostly influenced by how the parents were raised as children. What this means is the way your parents raised you will probably have a direct influence on how you raise your kids. It is not a mandatory sequence, but this is what usually happens.

However, since parental attitudes have such a great influence on how socially aware, responsible and good Samaritan a child grows up to be, it is important parents take full responsibility of how they raise their children well.

So, here are five ways you can have a positive impact through your parental attitude towards child-rearing:

  1. Parental attitude towards honesty –

    Can your child come and tell you anything and everything under the sun, without the fear of getting judged or scolded? Parental attitudes towards honesty ensure how much integrity a child will grow up with. It is important that you have a non-judgmental attitude towards honesty and allow your children to talk to you. By giving your children this space, you will build confidence in them to always live with integrity and be honest in all circumstances.

  2. Parental attitude towards mistakes –

    To err is human and to forgive divine. Remember this when your children make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Children especially should be given the space to make mistakes because they are just learning. If you scold them or make them feel bad because they made a mistake, you are not helping them become better people. Parental attitudes towards a child making a mistake should be of compassion and understanding. Ask them the reason they made the error and make them understand the consequences of their actions. If they repeat, give them punishments that are constructive such as cleaning the house or help around the kitchen for a day. This will also help to build your children’s character.

  3. Parental attitude towards education –

    One of the most important things to remember when learning about the effects of parental attitudes towards child-rearing is education. As a parent, you need to ensure that your children receive a proper education. And proper education does not mean formal, school education but education at home as well. Children learn very fast and as a parent, it is your duty that children learn good values. And, that is what good education is really about. Parental attitude towards education should be that children have to undergo education till a certain age. After that age, it can be the decision of children to pursue further education.

  4. Parental attitude towards respect –

    Respect is not a one-way street, unlike what people of the older generation believe. Elders must earn respect and children should learn respect. Your parental attitude towards child-rearing should be about having mutual respect. Teach them to respect everyone irrespective of their social standing and in return respect them as individuals too. Parents often take it for granted that children will respect them but you should respect them too. Listen to what they have to say, value their opinion and never dismiss them by saying they are just kids. If you respect them, they will also learn to respect everyone else.

  5. Parental attitude towards coping –

    The world is not the same anymore. The childhood you had is not the same as the childhood your kids are having. Life is much more stressful and you have to understand how difficult it is to be a kid in today’s world. One mistake people make with their parental attitude towards child-rearing is that they do not try to understand the struggles faced by children today. It is so common to find children with anxiety and depression. So many children commit suicide being unable to cope with the stress. You, as a parent, need to teach children how to cope with everyday stress and emerge a winner. Your attitude towards failure will teach them to cope with theirs’s too. So, make sure you set a good example, teach them to have a positive attitude and how they should accept failure.

How Parental Attitude Towards Child Rearing Affects the Society

Our society needs more people who are responsible and have a good attitude. The way you raise your child not only affects your family but society as a whole because your children are the future of the world. This is the reason why parental attitude towards child-rearing is so important. In fact, it is so crucial that there have been numerous researches, studies and surveys to determine which kind of parental attitude is best for child-rearing. The five pointers given above are based on such studies and researches. It has been seen time and again that parents who follow the five rules given above, raise children who are strong, sincere and overall good citizens.

Parental Attitude Towards Child Rearing and You

Children feel a lot more than adults. Even if you are not aware of your attitude in front of your children, rest assured that they are taking mental notes. It is not humanly possible to keep a tab on your parental attitude at all times you are in the company of your children. So, it is advised that you incorporate these attitudes into your lifestyle. After all good attitudes will help you as much as it will help your children.

If you practice good parental attitude towards child-rearing, they will grow up to follow the same and hopefully, it shall become the norm. Because like it is said above we usually tend to raise our children the way we were raised. So, if your parents raised you with a good parental attitude you will have incorporated the same into your parental attitude towards child-rearing as well.