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Open a Catering Company in Turkey

Open a Catering Company in Turkey

You will wonder; why open a catering company in Turkey and not in other countries. Here is the answer; With the presence of ancient buildings and monuments, Turkey has become the new hot favorite of foreign tourists and it can help to start a successful catering company in this country.

Besides, the laws and regulations of the country favor businessmen and smaller businesses and that can also help your dream of establishing a catering company in Turkey without any hassle. However, the question of why to open it in Turkey remains there.

The Reasons to Open a Catering Company

Turkey is a tourist country and that is why the catering industry is one of the most fruitful outlets in the food sector at the moment. The recent numbers are very encouraging and indicate the incomes of a catering business in Turkey rose to more than $22 billion.

If you are a foreign investor who is looking to open a catering company in Turkey then you can opt for some of the biggest cities such as Ankara or Istanbul which are a big attraction for tourists as well as locals. However, you can also target small cities as they can also prove to be an inspired choice if you have a unique business idea and are new in the town.

You will be able to satisfy all types of companies and people who have developed a particular taste in Turkish cuisine. You can serve for special events or you can choose to serve out of your base location if your service is appreciated in the market.

For that, you can take the help of social media and famous newspapers to reach out to the people of Turkey. If you will provide an amazing catering service then you will be appreciated in the market, and your business will thrive without any doubt. The people of Turkey have a weakness towards food, and if you can construct a delicious and appealing menu and combine it with fast service then you will see your pockets full of cash and your kitchen full of orders!

What are the Conditions?

It is essential to follow all the rules and regulations of the Turkish government if you want to open a Catering Company in Turkey. Once you have finalized the location, it is time for you to select a name for your catering company. After picking up the name, decide what type of cuisine you will be offering to your clients and customers. Turkish cuisine is craved all over the globe and if you can focus on that then it will help you generate great revenue for your catering firm.

After choosing the type of food your catering business will offer, it is time for you to get your hands busy with all the paperwork. It is time for you to prepare all the required documents that are needed for the registration of the company with the Trade Register in Turkey.

Consider the following papers:

• Articles of association
• VAT certificate
• A bank account for the minimum share capital
• Licenses and permits to prove that you can place food products on the market
• Sanitary agreements from the control bodies

Which Permits and License are Required?

The General Permit

If you want to open a catering business in Turkey then you need to obey certain procedures and need to obtain various permits, licenses, and certificates under Turkish law.

As per the Turkish law, production, sale, purchase, export, and import of food and food products and provision of catering services are subject to the Food and Feed Law and all the regulations will be issued based on such law.

The purpose of this law is to maintain the quality of the food offered by catering services and prioritizing food safety and public health and check environmental protection. This law covers provisions concerning all stages of the manufacturing, dispensation, and supply of foods, and food contact substances and materials.

Obtain Approval for the Premises

You have all your general permits but to kick-start your catering service, you need to follow all the Food Premises Regulations. You must obtain the approval for the premises of the restaurant from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. Make sure that the address of your base is registered with the Ministry. After the application, an inspector will visit your catering company, and an inspection will take place.

If you pass the inspection then the Ministry will issue a registration certificate to your Catering Company.

Obtain the Operation Permit

Once you have acquired the premises license then you can apply for the operation permit procedure. This permission will make your catering company working and will allow you to start the operation. However, you need to keep a few things in mind such as If you have more than 50 employees then and only then you need to acquire the operation permit, the directorate of the region where the restaurant is located will issue The Operation Permit, and this license will be issued after reviewing its main activity as per the Article of Association.

Where to Seek Advice for Opening the Catering Business in the Country?

Your first choice to seek advice while opening a catering company in Turkey should be lawyers. Ensure that you hire a knowledgeable lawyer that knows all the rules and regulations of the country and has prior experience to set up a successful business.

For further advice, you can always seek the Turkish embassy as they will help you to understand all the rules and regulations of the country and help you to establish a thriving catering company in Turkey.

Final Words

Opening a catering company in Turkey can prove to be a masterstroke for your bank balance as it is thriving with foreign visitors, and that can boom your catering business. Furthermore, the laws and regulations will also help you to establish a catering company in Turkey without any hassle.