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Nazar Boncugu: Protection from The Evil Eye

Nazar Boncugu: Protection from The Evil Eye

Turkish people believe that malicious glares from others can brings misfortune, suffering, or just general bad luck to the targeted people. And it refers to “Evil Eye”. The word Evil Eye can be interpreted when someone is feeling so envy to you because of your wealth, your achievement or your happiness, the way they glance at you, that spiteful look, it is a thing called the Evil Eye.

What is Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye in Turkey known as nazar. In Arabic, nazar literally means ‘sight’ or ‘glance’. The evil eyes is a kind of credulity that having a long historical timeline. It can be found in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, and Medieval Europe. The strong beliefs that exist in the daily Turkish life until right now.

The idea that one person’s envy can deduct from another’s fortune is still prevalent in Mediterranean cultures like Greece. Other country like India, Ireland, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe is also common with this myth.

Nazar Boncugu: The Blue Evil Eye

Many cultures believe that a symbol with the same shape as an evil force, can push the evil away. So they made amulets in form of various things, such as: small key rings, necklaces, plate, until large ceramics. They drew the Blue Evil Eye, a bright and dark blue circle or oval sphere with smaller circle in the middle to portray an eye.

Those are a huge tradition in Turkey, known as Nazar Boncugu (Eye Bead). It is actually a blue bead with the eye shape in the middle. The typical Nazar Boncugu was usually made of blue glass with eye symbol in them. But today it became in all sizes, shape, and decoration. Nazar Boncugu becomes art and accessories for tourist that come in Turkey.

Want to Go Deeper?

If you are someone who wants to get an Evil Eye travel destination, maybe you want to consider the options below.

Meke Lake

Meke Lake is considered as the world’s largest Evil Eye amulet. This lake is in the province’s Karapinar district, Konya. Formed around an inactive volcano that give it the distinctive shape of Eye.


It means Evil Eye Village. Why? Because the village is full of nazar amulets. You can find the glasses are melted in stone ovens as they have been there for a thousand years. The place is not far from Aegean city of Izmir.


It is a famous destination for International and Turkish tourists. You can find hundreds of Evil Eye amulet are hanging on the tree in Goreme National Park and around the fortress of Uchisar.