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Main Living Centres of İstanbul – Kadıköy

Main Living Centres of İstanbul – Kadıköy

Kadıköy is one of the main living centres of İstanbul, not only in the residential aspect but also commercial and social. It would not be an exaggeration to define Kadıköy as centre of European lifestyle in Anatolia.

Kadiköy For Transportation

Taking place in the heart of the Marmara Sea, Kadıköy is a hub for all sorts of transportation, both private and public. Direct connection to E-5 or D-100 Highway enables direct access to every section of the city as well as interurban transportation. Major piers connect the district to Europe, not only from the centre of the town but also from Bostancı, which is the edge of the district. Above ground public transportation is provided by not only traditional busses, but also private mini-busses, taxi-busses, railroad and metrobus, which is the one of a kind of public transport method for İstanbul. Underground metro line connects the towns of the district from one to another, as well as to other districts such as Maltepe and Kartal.  Metro lines in the pipeline are also going to connect Kadıköy to almost all districts in the Anatolian Side of İstanbul.

This feature of İstanbul of being a hub for transportation has made it a point of attraction for inhabitancy for the white-collar people living in İstanbul and university students. Therefore, a social environment has also developed to satisfy the needs of these people. Over the years, Kadıköy has been a haven of pubs and restaurants within its centre of district, as well as hobby-shops and various other retail shops.

Kadiköy, Connetcing People

Kadıköy has a unique nature of creating a habitat of connecting a variety of people under one district, sharing a lifestyle with many different budgets. An apartment in the centre of the district may cost 2.000 TL / month, but another apartment in Bağdat Caddesi, which is also the second most high-end street shopping retail centre may cost 5 or 10 times more of this amount, but sharing more or less the same modern and secular philosophy of life.

Benefiting from its positioning beside the beautiful Marmara Sea, people of Kadıköy also resurrected another way of socialising, picnic! All the way from Moda, which is very close to the centre of the ditrict, until Bostancı, the end of the district, but especially in Caddebostan, because of the fact that there is a very big supermarket just beside the coast, people go out with their portable chairs, pick up their own food and beverages and enjoy the shiny days of Kadıköy. Thanks to the understanding of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, many toilets are at the service of public in this district as well with high-end hygiene standards.

Ignoring the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic, Kadıköy has developed a social environment for all tastes. Blues bars, rock bars, nightclubs and pubs are combining night to day and theatres, not only governmental but private theatres are serving people with classical and modern productions. Closing of Rexx Cinema Hall due to pandemic condition will remain as a bleeding scar in the hearts of all Kadıköy lovers.

Kadiköy As a District of Sailors

Hosting the vast majority of boats in İstanbul in its docks along Marmara Sea has attracted sailing industry and therefore sailors to Kadıköy. A variety of boats from 5 meters to 50 meters are anchored all around Kadıköy, which has been followed by high-end restaurants and such leisure units. Kadıköy also has a unique natural wind structure which made it the host of city’s most enhanced sailor’s club.

Kadiköy, a District Gives Worth to Bicycles

Kadıköy hosts more than half of İstanbul’s bicycle roads parallel to Marmara Sea. Benefiting from its low acclivitous state as well, the district is probably most bicycle-friendly district of İstanbul. This feature of the district has also attracted bicycle shops and repair shops to itself, therefore a bicycle rider can find his or her needs at a waling distance to his or her home, with some exceptions only.

Kadiköy As a Part of Central Business District

Traditionally private sector has always grown in the European Side of İstanbul, most probably because of the fact that the historical semi-island, Beyoğlu and villas of Levent are located in there. On the other hand İstanbul has two hearts beating, and it was inevitable for the private sector to develop a central business district in Anatolian Side as well, which could be nowhere else then Kadıköy, because of its accessibility.

Central neighbourhoods of Kadıköy has been developed well in advance and therefore has no space for major office buildings. On the other hand, regions of Kadıköy facing the E-5 or D-100 Highways such as Göztepe and Kozyatağı have been recognized as the central business district in the Anatolian Side of İstanbul and are still hosting the major office buildings. Considering the fact that those regions also hold residential habitancy, it is safe to say that those are mix-use areas. Kadıköy’s habitancy has developed around the residents’ life and business has reached to the district afterwards, because of its easy accessibility.

As well as buildings transformed from residential use to offices, modern office buildings have begun to rise through Kadıköy’s sky since the mid-’90s. Kozyatağı has been the prime centre for these developments with an international major fast-moving consumer goods company’s headquarters moved into the district along with a major hypermarket opening just beside it, the first time in Turkey. These investments and corporate decisions have attracted private sector’s attention to the district.

Actually, Kozyatağı has been a summer resort of the wealthy class of İstanbul in history. But as the city has risen to a population of 16 million over the years, it was an inevitable measure to transform this neighbourhood to the public’s housing. With demand from white-collar people for housing in Kozyatağı and therefore Kadıköy, and its proximity to E-5 or D-100 Highway and Industrial regions such as Gebze and İzmit; private sector did not miss the chance to develop high-end office buildings.

Living in İstanbul can be a headache because of the many complaints to be made. Nevertheless, Kadıköy always promises a room to breathe for all who feel suffocated from the city’s chaos. Too bored with the city? Come on and have a nice breath at the coast of Kadıköy.