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Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey: About, Conditions, AMD Steps

Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey: About, Conditions, AMD Steps

First time visiting Turkey, you realized that this country suited you. So, before the visa expired, you made the Residence Permit because you wish to stay longer.
Month by month, year by year. You always extend the residence permit. Until one day, an idea arises, how can I get permanent residence in Turkey?
Permanent/Long Term Residence Permit is suitable for anyone who has lived in Turkey for 8 years uninterruptedly.

Things to Know about Long-Term/Permanent Residence Permit

According to Law 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection, non-Turkish citizens who consecutively complete 8 years stay in Turkey with the short-term residence permit, are able to transfer to the long-term residence permit ID card during the next renewal.
Once you get the long-term residence permit, it will not need to be renewed. The permit shall be issued indefinitely. You can live forever in Turkey (if it is possible).
Foreigners who are holding this permit may enjoy the right vested in the Turkish citizens.
But there are exceptions for some of specific areas, such as: military service obligation, right to elect and be elected, holding public office, importing vehicles, and other arrangement in the private law.
Do not stay more than a year outside Turkey, or the residence permit may be cancelled. Except for the reasons of health, education, and compulsory public services in your home country.

Required Conditions for Long-Term/Permanent Residence Permit

Based on Article 43 of the Law, in order to apply for long-term residence permit, you need to fulfil some required conditions below:

1.    Having lived at least 8 years consecutively to stay in Turkey.
2.    In the past three years, you did not receive the social assistance.
3.    You have sufficient and stable income to maintain yourself, or even to support your family.
4.    You have a valid medical insurance.
5.    Do not pose any severe risk or threat for the public peace and public security.

Some Steps to Apply for The Long Term/Permanent Residence Permit

Here the possible step to apply for your long-term residence permit.

First, you will require to prove your financial stability in Turkey. According to the law, the stable and sufficient income each people per month is at least USD 500.
You need to submit the bank account detail, bank statement, and other required documents. Some property values also can be considered.

Second, visit the official immigration website. Select the option to lodge a new application. There, you provide some details.
Then it will lead you to one page. Select the option to apply for long-term residence permit. Fill the form. Furthermore, you will receive an appointment date to visit the Immigration office.

Third, after receiving the appointment date, it will lead you to the payment page. They will generate the official charge for your particular case. There are 3 ways to choose how you would pay: online payment, the tax office, or visiting any specific bank.

Last, when the appointment date comes, make sure that all the required documents are ready to bring before you go to the Immigration office.
After you submit them, the response will you get within 90 days. It is advisable to check regularly your application status on the website.