Life in Maslak

Life in Maslak

Life in Maslak

Life in Maslak is a well-established habitat for work, living and is also connected to the rest of the city via both personal driving and public transportation. Maslak has shifted to being a desirable attraction point of Istanbul within only two decades, before which it was hosting a simple industrial zone for auto body shops and the Istanbul Technical University campus.

Locating To Maslak

The location of Maslak district has its pros and cons that have major effects on life in Maslak. Maslak has direct access to the TEM highway, FSM bridge, and Bosporus lane. It is also very easy to access from Akatlar, Etiler, and Levent districts as long as you do not act in the rush hours.

The traffic problem of Maslak is mostly a prejudgement. It is very easy to reach from Maslak to other regions of Istanbul in a “reverse traffic” destination, while the rest of Istanbul is trying to reach Maslak. So, your life in Maslak does not have to contain the traffic as a problem on its own. If your office is in Maslak and you prefer to drive, living in Maslak or districts such as; Tarabya, Istinye or suburbs such as; Zekeriyakoy will add hours to your everyday life.

Just keep in mind that Maslak was an industrial zone only two decades ago in addition to the main campus of Istanbul Technical University, the most reputable technical university of Istanbul. The rest of the settlement was not developed under the supervision of major urban planning, but one building at a time, the vast majority of which are office buildings. Therefore there is a major flow of people to Maslak between 08:00–09:30, and from Maslak between 17:00–19:00. But the reverse destination does not bear this problem.

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Reaching to Life in Maslak with Public Transportation

Maslak is subject to a very enhanced public transport system. In addition to traditional landlines, underground transportation via metro line is also adding speed and comfort to life in Maslak. The traditional landlines mentioned above are minibusses that run between Sariyer and Besiktas, covering the Levent district and providing access to Esentepe’s Zincirlikuyu station, which is a short walk away. This destination also connects you to sea transportation from Besiktas, to Kadikoy and Uskudar. A little further travel with these landlines provides a connection to the Kabatas pier and T1 tram line. Kabatas pier enables you to reach the Anatolian side the same as Karakoy pier, and the T1 tram line reaches to historical semi-island and inner parts of the city.

Metro line is not just a line on itself. It is connected to Metrobus in Gayrettepe station, which enables access from far ends of the city; from Beylikduzu to Kadikoy (Sogutlucesme stop). Also connecting to Marmaray train line from the Yenikapi station, all the way from Halkali to Gebze, covering the entire Kadikoy coastline such as; Feneryolu, Suadiye, and Bostanci. A ten minutes walk from Sishane station connects you to the Karakoy pier, which has a variety of lines to the Anatolian side; which are Uskudar, Kadikoy, and Bostanci.

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Life in Maslak After Working Hours

Residential buildings in Maslak are mostly high-rise and high-end residential compounds. Mashattan, Eclipse Tower, and Spine Tower are the spearheads of the residential settlement, and so is life in Maslak. As the demand grew, developments spread through Ayazaga District; which are MyHome, Skyland and Vadistanbul.

Almost all of these residential compounds have their own facilities within themselves such as; car park, security, professional management, GYM, supermarket, etc.

Another advantage of these buildings is the fact that they are far more modern, chic, and solid than most of the rest of Istanbul. Built-in kitchen components such as; fridge, oven, and cooker are delivered by the developer as a common standard. The fact that there is a considerable international community has also resulted in a serious supply of furbished and even serviced apartments as well. It is fair to say that life in Maslak has been shaped by the demand coming from business life within the district. Just keep in mind that Maslak is not a walker’s neighborhood, it has developed mostly for drivers.

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Working Life in Maslak

We have witnessed a major office development in Istanbul over the last twenty years. Traditional office buildings gave way to modern office buildings that are referred to as plazas. These buildings began to be built as banks’ HQ buildings in Levent and Maslak, which attracted smaller companies with 250 sqm.–2.000 sqm. demand range to these districts, as well as serviced office users.

Considering the fact that Levent already had a traditionally established settlement and Maslak had more space to develop, demand naturally shifted to the Maslak region. In time, building quality and quantity kept increasing as public transport enhanced with the underground metro line. Metro stations in Maslak give direct access to the office buildings, but not to residential compounds except for Spine Tower.

The office section of Maslak faces Buyukdere Avenue and goes down from a slope with cutting streets. Especially buildings located in the first two, even three streets parallel to Buyukdere Avenue have very easy access to all public transport services; underground metro and landlines which attracts companies for their staff using public transport services.

People Who Prefer the Life in Maslak

People who prefer to live in or around Maslak are usually people who are working in Maslak as well. Proximity to modern offices makes residences in the Maslak region very preferable, especially for the international community and ex-pats.

Buildings such as; Sun Plaza, Beybi Giz Plaza, Iz Plaza Giz, Giz 2000 Plaza, Orjin Center, Park Plaza, and Maslak 42 accommodate many international companies and serviced offices. Windowist Tower itself is a serviced office building on its own. Many local and international serviced office providers such as; Regus, Plaza Cubes are an attraction to international companies’ start-up stations; therefore an international community lives in Maslak almost 24/7. It is only fair to say that life in Maslak offers a satisfactory work and residential environment for the international community and local white collars.

The fact that there are many international schools nearby is another factor of choice. Istanbul Technical University, the most reputable technical university of Istanbul is also the traditional habitant of Maslak.

Istinye Park, the most elegant shopping center is also a major living center and social area. It contains both, top high-end brands and brands reaching the public. I-MAX movie theatre, a grand food court reaching from Burger King to extreme fine-dining adds attraction to the life in Maslak. It is fair to say that although Maslak is a little distant from the traditional city center, it is very well connected to the rest of Istanbul, and life in Maslak is its own habitat for work and life.

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