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Legal Marriage in Turkey: Prepare Yourself

Legal Marriage in Turkey: Prepare Yourself

Are you a foreigner who wants to legally marry in Turkey? First and foremost, make sure that ‘your home country approved the marriage’. Because the Turkish Official, the one that will conduct your wedding ceremony, will ask you to provide a “Certificate of No Impediment” and Birth Certificate from the authorities in your home country.

Furthermore, the only legally recognized type of marriage ceremony in Turkey is Civil Marriage. This is simply a non-religious, legal marriage ceremony presided over by a legal official. The religious wedding has no legal standing in this country.

Legal Marriage in Turkey

You need to consider some conditions before you want to get married in Turkey.

Capacity in Turkey

The legal age of marriage in Turkey is 18. But a person from age 17 is allowed with the consent of their parents or legal guardians. For the person who has a mental illness, if they cannot understand the responsibility they should take, they cannot be married.

Consanguinity in Turkey

Close relatives are prohibited for marriage. It includes brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews, and adopted children. Also, an affinity by marriage between couples from lineal kinship, even if the marriage has terminated.

Polygamy in Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim majority country that has abolished polygamy. Monogamy is a vital principle in the Turkish family law. Even the illegal polygamy can cause up to 2 years in imprisonment. However, it is under strict regulations in this country.

Homosexuality in Turkey

Although Turkey is the freest Islamic majority country in the world, they are still conservative about the idea of same-sex marriage. It is only permitted between a man and a woman.

Legal Requirements You Must Know about Turkey

All of your documents need to be translated legally into Turkish by the relevant authorities. The following what the bride and groom must require applying for a marriage.

Marriage Petition

Certificate of Non-Impediment
Passport/Identification Card
Full Birth Certificate
Six passport color photographs of each bride and groom.
Health Certificate (taken from a State medical institution in Turkey)
Certificate of Celibacy (states if a person is single, divorced, or widow)