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It’s Safe to Carry Cash in Turkey

It’s Safe to Carry Cash in Turkey

As each country, from the entrance of the airport in Turkey gives importance to safety. Turkey has different seven regions and every city has a different population. Some of them crowded, others are not. However, you need to know this, a common thing in all cities is “hospitality” for guests. If you notice this, you feel safe to carry cash or something else valuable.

Hospitality and It’s Surroundings

Turkish people are committed on their traditions. Especially in Anatolia, some old rules still apply. One of these rules is about hospitality. Guests are very important in Turkey. This could explain everything: You can ring a bell of a random house in Anatolia, and they can say “you can come in!” It’s not necessary to know you. You’re a guest of God. Maybe just language could be a problem. The other things can be solved easily.
On the other hand, on the European side of the country is more cosmopolitan and modernized. That some rules’ shapes could change. But even in changes, people could be kind and polite to guests.

Carrying Cash in Big Cities

Some cities need more security precautions because of the crowd. For example, Istanbul city has nearly eighteen million citizens. Like each cosmopolitan city in the world, crime occasions can happen in Istanbul. Turkish government works on preventing these things. But if you’re carrying too much cash, you need to be careful in crowded places.
Most of the people in big cities carrying credit cards or ATM cards. After Istanbul, the second most crowded city is the capital of Turkey, Ankara. You can feel safe in this city too. But it’s beneficial to be careful.

Consequently, in the globalizing world, everything is changing. It could be a good or bad type. Today is different from history. So that you must travel by taking everything in mind!