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Is Art Possible on the Internet?

Is Art Possible on the Internet?

The internet is filled with online art and other content and is a vast web of interconnected systems of data repositories that together serve to provide its users with the information they seek. This information can be depicted to the users through various visual and auditory methods, which are similar to how online art is composed in different formats, to ultimately represent the skills and the distinctive creative imagination of the artist.

Since primitive times, art is linked with human technology through different mediums wherein, the use of these respective technologies has allowed mankind to create pieces of art that suit their desires. From simple caveman paintings to sculptures and ancient structures, all are considered to be pieces of art including storytelling which is perhaps the oldest form of art known to mankind.

Online Art and its Congruence with Technology

Previously, artists who lived in groups such as in the city of Paris and London influenced people globally with their creative works of art. That was a time where war, famine, and other such human conditions persisted globally and during which, technology, as we know it today, was nearly non-existent. But even then, the technology that was used during their times allowed people to obtain the form of entertainment they sought through radio, books, paintings, cinemas, and so on.

But soon, after the emergence of the Internet in a few decades, people began to use it to entertain themselves apart from also using it for purposes tied to communication and business. While the internet allowed people to explore global possibilities and opportunities from their stationary location of comfort, the majority of people also began to then believe that the Internet culture or the online art is slowly killing true art, which is not entirely true.

Online Art and its Codependency with the Internet

Today, art inevitably still plays a major role in every scenario of the whole human existence despite our dependence on technology. We still collectively crave and require different forms of art to influence us and to entertain ourselves which we easily access through our use of the internet.

Because our technology evolved, our art evolved too. Our way of approaching art also grew and developed in various ways to allow us more room for creativity and functionality. This whole evolution also further created new opportunities for a vast number of the human population to expand the boundaries of art in innovative ways.

Creation & Perception of Art

Art can now be created in various ways using different types of technologies. Today a piece of software on the internet can allow you to create graphics that can be used in any number of ways from advertising to personal comfort. These graphics can now contain universally identified colors which were difficult to obtain in the previous times.

The use of internet tools in the creation of online art has also affected how we perceive art. We now have various platforms that can be accessed through the internet which provides us with different modes of browsing art. From scrollable galleries to slideshows, holographic displays, and so on has allowed us to absorb online art like never before. It is now possible for us to immerse ourselves deeper into the art with the help of technologies that use the internet such as AR & VR platforms which further allow us to delve into the intricacies of any form of art be it visual or auditory.

Appreciating and Selling Art

Our methods of appreciating, and selling art have also evolved significantly. Due to the benefits of the internet which has grown the shareability of art, we can now access innumerable art pieces from any location on the earth. We are also now capable of sharing online art much easier due to the emergence of social media platforms and other tools that use the internet. It is now possible to purchase art remotely as well as to reach out to the artists who create them without leaving the comforts of our homes.

We can now also watch various forms of drama and television through the internet which has allowed us access to the works of various artists which were previously barred due to language and geological limitations. Even the music and the written works that we appreciate are shared using the internet so numerous people could discover it for themselves.

Final Words

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of how we absorb art into our lives with the help of technologically advanced artists who understand the role of the internet in creating and spreading their art. Although art requires certain clarity and focus to be fully observed, it is not without the internet that art could have developed this further to make itself accessible, to all the people who require it all the more, in this era of information overload.

Thus, In the end, both online art and technology are codependent on each other as are humans on each other because after all, art imitates life and life imitates art, endlessly.