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Important Projects for Developing the Infrastructure in Istanbul

Important Projects for Developing the Infrastructure in Istanbul

Istanbul is the only country in the world that shares two continents: Asia and Europe. Istanbul is known as the capital of the world due to its infrastructure, tourist attraction, and a preferred investment destination for other countries.

Important Projects for Developing the Infrastructure in Istanbul

Istanbul boasts a miraculous amount of historical and geographical wealth and enjoys lion’s share of infrastructure projects headed by the Turkish government. These projects will change Istanbul for good and make it the hub of economic and business ventures. Lt’s check the most important projects of Istanbul.

Top Projects Changed the Face of Infrastructure in Istanbul are:

Eurasia Tunnel

This is a tunnel that connects Asia and Europe with each other, and it is one of the largest projects the Turkish government has undertaken. This tunnel runs under the Sea of Marmara and it reduces the travel time from 100 minutes to merely 15 minutes. To increase the capacity, the government is expanding the tunnel access roads.

The Bridge of Yavuz Sultan Selim

The launch of the third bridge has made the commute between Asia and Istanbul easier and it reduces the traffic between two sections. The Eurasia tunnel will greatly benefit by this as this bridge is not only good for daily commute, but big trucks can also run on it and that will strengthen the business relationship between Asia and Istanbul.

The Third Airport: Istanbul Grand Airport

Istanbul Grand Airport is one of the largest airports in the world with a capacity of passenger will be around 150 million, and a huge and vast international airport which spanned in 6750 hectares. It will contain 165 passenger bridges, 3 observation towers, 6 independent runways, 16 motorways will be connected to the third airport and the northern Marmara road will be connected to the city of Izmir.

Istanbul International Finance Center

Istanbul New International Financial District is designing a financial building and implementing changes in an area of 170 acres at Atasehir, the Asian side of Turkey. This center will bring Turkey in the top 10 financial hubs of the world. It will house the country’s dominant financial market and state-owned banks.

The next infrastructure projects in Istanbul are quite fascinating and will take it on the path of becoming the capital of the world.

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