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Immunotherapy in Turkey

Immunotherapy in Turkey

Turkey is emerging as an economic superpower due to various sectors being developed sporadically with the progressive increase in investment and research. Aside from the fascinating culture and lively tourism industry, Turkey is also well known for its energy resources production, exports, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Turkey’s Immunotherapy Care

Turkey has several world-class healthcare facilities that provide exceedingly advanced treatments and one of them is Immunotherapy for cancer patients which is often used alongside traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, etc. The oncologists have recognized that immunotherapy has several benefits without being toxic to the health of patients as it is based on strengthening the immune system of the body in a particular way that fights off the cancerous cells. Components such as highly purified proteins and other compounds are used to stimulate the parts of the immune system and the following types of treatments are available in immunotherapy:

Monoclonal Antibodies

These are substances that locate and bind to the cancer cells which can be useful in ways to detect and diagnose the tumor within the body. Produced in a laboratory, these substances make it possible to accurately provide target therapy which utilizes pharmaceutical drugs, radioactive materials, etc to directly beat the cancerous cells.

Tumor Vaccines

These substances trigger the immune system into destroying itself and the active cancerous cells. Often Made of dead cancer cells that have undergone radiation or reacted with lab-based antigens, they work well to help the body reject tumors and to keep them from growing or developing again.

Biological Response Modifiers

These are cytosine substances that trigger the immune system in a generic way which makes them attack the tumor cells and although it’s an indirect way of treatment, they boost the immune system appropriately without causing negative reactions in the body.

Colony Stimulation

Another indirect approach to treating cancerous tumors, these substances promote the production of blood cells at the bone marrow level which helps to support the immune system while it undergoes traditional treatments.

Though there have been observed some systemic reactions (SR) to subcutaneous immunotherapy treatment (SCIT) they haven’t produced fatal reactions. The facilities that provide immunotherapy in Turkey house anywhere from 13-35 renowned physicians for delivering class specialties and thus with numerous such facilities, Turkey has shown promising results in providing Immunotherapy successfully.