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How to Raise a Socially Aware Child?

How to Raise a Socially Aware Child?

Raising a socially aware child is not difficult. Having said that, it is not exactly an easy task either. There is an old saying that states that it takes a community to raise a child. So, to raise a socially aware child, the task becomes even more complicated.

Especially now, when most families are nuclear, meaning it’s just parents and children staying together, with occasional visits to and from relatives or grandparents. Moreover, if both parents are working it becomes even more difficult to raise a child who is healthy as well as socially aware.

Having said that, it is now more important than ever to raise socially aware children seeing how the world is slowly losing compassion and empathy. Today’s children are our future citizens of the world. So, by raising socially aware children we can ensure that the world is at better hands.

But how can you raise socially aware children? Here are four easy simple parenting steps to achieve it.

 How to Raise Socially Conscious Children?

Socially conscious children should be compassionate, empathetic and have leadership qualities. A socially conscious will never bully others and instead will stand up for the victims. So, how do you raise such a child?

  1. Communicate with them –

    The biggest problem nowadays is that there is a huge communication gap between parents and children. This is the main reason there is a lack of socially aware children in society. This communication gap leads to misunderstandings and then, on the part of the children, it manifests as actions of rebellion that are anything but socially acceptable.

To raise socially aware children, make sure you constantly communicate with them from a very young age. Teach your children to differentiate between right and wrong. Use positive reinforcements to ensure repetition of socially aware actions. It is said that the parents’ voice becomes the voice of conscience for most children. So, ensure your voice is right, just and fair. Talk to them about their feelings. Don’t try to shield them from what is going on in the world, instead tell them both sides of the stories and let them differentiate the wrong from the right. You should start young if you want to raise a socially aware child.

  1. Teach them compassion –

    The best way to raise a socially aware child is to teach them compassion from a young age. But how do you do that? You can teach them values like sharing, being honest and being kind. But like it is said, children learn more by following you than listening to you. So, it is imperative that you show them these values through your own action. Ensure that you never speak ill of others, show kindness to strangers and always be honest with your children. When they see you doing these things, they will learn to follow you and you will successfully raise socially conscious children.

Another way to teach children kindness and compassion is to give them pets. Let them be responsible for their own pets and take care of them. It is a sure-shot way to raise socially aware children because they learn compassion for all kinds of living beings from a young age. They also learn to be responsible and grow up to become kind, caring accountable social citizens.

  1. Let them ask questions –

    If you stop children from asking questions just because you feel uncomfortable answering them, know that they will never grow up to be socially aware. Children are naturally inquisitive and it is a good thing to ask questions, regardless of what kind. To raise a socially aware child you need to ensure that they never back away from asking difficult and awkward questions. Answer them as honestly as you can. Even if you don’t have the answer, encourage them to research and look for the answers themselves. They will learn to find their own way and seek solutions to problems.

Leadership is an important quality in socially aware children. Hence teaching your children to find their own solutions and answers are a great way to develop their leadership skills and is an important part of raising socially conscious children. In fact, it is a leader’s job to ask difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions to bring change into society. By teaching them to be unafraid to ask questions you will develop future leaders.

  1. Let them join a social cause –

    Are your children animal lovers? Or do they show kindness to fellow classmates? Why not have them start or join a social cause that they would love? You can help them start an anti-bullying club in school or have them join an animal welfare association, anything that they can follow with passion. Passion is an important ingredient in raising a socially aware child. It is important to be passionate about a social cause and follow that passion to bring change into the world. If your children become part of such evolutionary and revolutionary ideas from a young age, they will become socially responsible too. Take them along in rallies that you attend or participate in the ones they organize or want to be a part of. Show them that you are in it with them to encourage them. And before you know it you are successfully raising a socially responsible child. 

Raising Socially Responsible Children

It is the parents’ duty to ensure that their kids grow up to be socially aware and responsible citizens. There can be no excuses whatsoever for being unable to do that. With the four simple tips given here, you can easily raise socially aware children. Remember that it is not impossible raising a socially conscious child, it is all about knowing how and being socially responsible yourself. By being aware yourself you could be raising a socially aware child without even trying. Just incorporate socially aware behaviour in your daily lives and in everything that you do, and you can be raising a socially responsible child without having to compromise on your work, ideas or beliefs.