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How to Apply for Turkey Work Visa for Indian Citizens?

How to Apply for Turkey Work Visa for Indian Citizens?

If you wish to work in Turkey, you need to apply for an employment visa or work visa. Usually a single-entry sticker visa is granted for the purpose of employment by the ministry of labor in Turkey. The processing time for granting work visa is around 30 days.

If you are a foreigner and want to work in Turkey, you need to also have the Company sponsorship in Turkey where you have the offer to work from. This will make the process convenient and easy for you.

Work Visa for Indian Citizens

• Once you enter Turkey for work purpose, you must get your Foreigner Work Permit ID Card from your employer.
• If you do not want to continue with the job in Turkey, you can exit the country within the first fifteen days so that there is no ban or fine on your entry.
• You must also have the SGK Social Security and the healthcare card that are issued by the Turkey Government. This is to ensure that you are safe in the country and also working legally.
• You must also activate the Residence Permit from the government once you have started working in Turkey. Your residence must be registered with the National Address NVI grid system in Turkey.
• There are certain processes in which the Turkish companies hire foreigners for their businesses. Some sectors in which you can apply for jobs include housekeeping services, education, health, entertainment, tourism and aviation.
• As a foreigner, you might not apply for all the jobs in Turkey, similarly, not all Turkish companies may hire foreigners to work for their companies.
• You must sign a labour contract before starting the job in Turkey and must also have a letter of invitation from the company.
• You will be charged a work permit fee, an entry visa fee and also a residence fee for working in Turkey and these will be charged by the Turkish consular office abroad.
Turkey offers excellent job opportunities that are waiting to be picked up by eligible people. If you think you are suitable, start applying now.