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How Much Does It Cost to Get Teeth Done in Turkey?

How Much Does It Cost to Get Teeth Done in Turkey?

The dental services and treatments provided in Turkey match the global standards because it is compliant with European norms. Although it’s next to unparalleled in terms of overall dental treatment when compared with developed countries, it is however significantly cost-effective without compromising the health standards.

A Comprehensive Range of Dental Services

Turkey’s modern healthcare practices also extend to the dental field for their Ministry of Health is stringent about procedures and oversees the education and practicing aspect of dentistry. A dental physician has to gain experience of over a decade before being qualified to serve independently through a job at public dental clinics or for running their own private dental clinics.

While both kinds of dental clinics do exist, their rates rarely differ too much and also have a lesser difference in their dental practices. Both offer all kinds of dental procedures which include both basic and advanced treatments. The only significant difference between them which also makes a difference between their rates is the machines used by private clinics which go a step further in providing all-round dental care. These machines include the capability of 3-D printing, advanced mechanism development and so on which are used towards making implants, veneers, etc.

Cost of Dental Services

While it is common in developed countries to charge extra for clinical operations to cover their variable costs, dental services in Turkey cost less than they house technicians and dentists on a salary basis to carry out these operations and to eradicate extra costs. For this reason and other reasons being that the items used in Turkey’s dental practice are often developed in-house rather than using imported materials to build them, getting teeth done in Turkey is cheaper than it is in most other countries of the world.

Following are the approximate costs of getting done the common dental treatments in Turkey:

● Consultation fee $60 – $220 or often free
● Single-tooth Implant + Crown $750 – $1500
● Ceramic Crown $200 – $440
● Porcelain Veneer $200 – $375
● Laser Teeth Whitening $170 – $375

These rates are nearly half and even less than half of the total cost of getting them done in countries such as the US, UK, and Germany. Henceforth, getting teeth done in Turkey is not only cheaper but also feasible as it matches the global standards of practice and treatment.