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How Many Wives Can a Turkish Man Have?

How Many Wives Can a Turkish Man Have?

Turkey is a pre-dominatingly Muslim country, with a large Muslim population. At the time of the Ottoman Empire, An Islamic law sharia has been implanted in all countries. After Ataturk secularist reform, a secular nation has been following secular law and rules.

On 25 December 1925, the civil code of Turkey has been introduced and according to the civil code of Turkey, polygamy is a criminal act, and group marriages are not allowed according to country Rules and Law. The state only allows monogamy.

Turkish civil code is the same as that of Swiss civil code. The Turkish code also deals with many other modern aspects of living, major articles related to women’s rights.

According to Turkish law, polygamy is banned and it’s a legal crime and carries punishment for the offender. Legal marriages are compulsory.

Sharia (Muslim law) allows a Muslim man to keep 4 wives at the same time with their exhaustive financial responsibilities.

Although second marriage in Turkey is not legal and not recognized by law and has fewer rights of divorce, property, inheritance, and child support.

Turkey is an Islamic state but being a secular state, the law, culture structure, style of living, social activities all belong to secularist reform. Islamic law allows a man to marry 4 wives at the same time whereas Turkish legislation has made polygamy illegal and monogamy legal.