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How Long Will It Take to Receive Your Residence Permit?

How Long Will It Take to Receive Your Residence Permit?

Having Turkish residence permit ID card is a dream for foreigners who wish to live longer in Turkey. How marvellous it is to get the same right as Turkish citizen in some areas when you live in the country.

Just Visa is Not Enough

How about Visa? The time limit of Visa itself varies between one country to another. There is country that is lucky enough to get 90 days period. Some countries have 60 days period.
And for the countries that just have 30 days period, at least they still could stay in Turkey Besides using visa or e-visa, Turkey now allows foreigners from certain countries to enter Turkey without visa. It is effective from 02 March 2020. This program is known as Visa Exemption.

The following countries who join the Visa Exemption program are Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and United Kingdom.
However, that is all will be not enough if you are the passionate traveller who always dreaming to stay longer and longer in this Hagia Sophia’s home.

How Long to Receive Your Residence Permit?

So, you try to apply for Residence Permit. This will be done first via online in “” page at Directorate General of Migration Management online website.

After you make an appointment date, you will prepare the required documents to be brought to residence Office.
After each document have been checked and approved by the staff there, you know that you are one step ahead to fill up your dream.

You will pay a residence permit ID card fee and you will be asked to wait until your card is delivered to your address.

But how long I should wait to receive my card?

Upon application and evaluation process done by Authorities, you can expect to receive your residence permit ID card between 1 and 2 weeks.

Few of the Many Benefits of Residence Permit

Foreigners who are holding a residence permit ID card may choose to live as a individual or with family. Now, you could stay longer in Turkey for up to one or two year.
You shall be able to marry a Turkish man/woman to be your spouse. You will be able to create an account at a local bank. And it is eligible for you to replace your ‘foreign license driver’ to ‘Turkish license driver’.