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How Long Should I Stay for My Medical Treatment Trip to Turkey?

How Long Should I Stay for My Medical Treatment Trip to Turkey?

According to international commission Turkish medicine is rapidly developing .46 hospitals in the country are accredited by the JCI. Turkey has been growing in medication very rapidly. It has been famous for its cheap and effective treatments. There is a diverse range of medical treatments available. No doubt Turkey has made its name in the medical sphere in no time.

Turkey has become the top 5 most visited country. If you decided to set about a medical trip to Turkey, you must consider their policies, rule, and regulation regarding the stay period they allow to health tourists.

How Long Should I Stay for My Medical Treatment Trip to Turkey?

According to Turkey, visa policy Tourists can stay up to 90 days with a single visa entry. The duration also depends on where you apply. If you are in Turkey and wanted to extend your tourist visa you can visit the embassy, consulate, police station, there might be a possibility to extend your visa depending on your initial reason for visiting and nationality.

If you plan to remain in Turkey for longer than 90 days, that you should apply for a long-term visa or Turkey residence permit from local authority in Turkey before your 90-day time collapsed. For 90 days one can enjoy their medical services, If the condition becomes more pathetic at the end of 90-day period one should concern with the consulate, they will most likely extend your medical visa. Normally, mostly procedure and treatments become stable in 90 days period but still, a long-term visa application is available.

In Turkey hospitals are specially designed for overseas and for international patients, This hospital has been providing 24/7 online support or several numbers of health portal available with their 24/7 health care support, you should first connect them and get general advice about your treatment span.

Medical Visa Application

If you don’t have any abroad visa restriction than you can easily get a medical visa for Turkey. After deciding Turkey as your medical destination, send your medical documentation to your visa contractor. Your passport must be valid at least before 90 days of travel.

There are two types of visa available;

Medical visa which is obtained directly through embassy

Online visa which can be obtained through the online portal of the Turkey visa system.

Visitors must obtain Turkey medical visa for their medical trip or should apply for e visa if belongs to eligible countries for e-visa. E-visa is applicable for only those whose concerns are only tourism or e-commerce. For medication or any surgery, you must apply to the consulate.

One should never choose E-visa for their medical visit as it against their law, it will put you in legal plenty. 42 countries and territories citizens are allowed to apply for e visa. Holder of 42 countries can obtain their visa for free before arrival in Turkey. The online visa platform is It is self-explanatory and you can get all answers for your queries.

Visa Application is different for each country. One can check through this official instructions are available as per your country requirements.
For further concerns, you should connect the Turkey embassy in your country.

Are You Looking to Enjoy Their Health Care for The Rest of Your Life?

If you are so much inspired by the Turkey and decided to settle permanently, then yes you can entertain yourself for the whole of your life. Anyone resident in the country for more than a year is covered by the country’s universal health care system. According to Universal Health Insurance Turkey “The individuals who have green cards before 01.01.2012 and whose visa (right ownership) is valid after that date shall continue to receive healthcare benefits under universal insurance until their visas expire”

The Turkey is becoming a top choice for medical tourists. Medical tourism is exceptionally booming in the country and the medical visa being offered can be acquired very easily or quickly and also extended easily if required. Their lower rates with highly competitive quality make Turkey top destination for health tourists. Medical visa remains active for 90 days. One should get the medical services for 90 periods with 1 visa entry. If you wanted to extend that period still legal option exists.