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How Long Does it Take to Obtain a Turkish Student Visa?

How Long Does it Take to Obtain a Turkish Student Visa?

Aspirants hoping to study in Turkey will require obtaining a Turkish student visa to get educated in their chosen fields of study. Since Turkey already ranks 2nd in the world at a high 94% schooling rate in terms of accessibility to higher education, it’s no surprise if you decide to continue your studies here.

Apart from the impressive educational background of Turkey, it also holds innumerable employment opportunities due to the presence of multi-sector businesses that are expansive in every definition of the word. These reasons alone make obtaining a Turkish student visa pretty ideal for those who want to get a higher education that is recognized globally. So let’s now learn all about how you can obtain a student visa to pursue your studies here.

How Long Does it Take to Obtain a Turkish Student Visa?

Before we delve into learning about the procedure of obtaining a student visa for Turkey, it will be much useful to learn if you may at all require it in the first place or not.

To carry out the education from a Turkish University, the following types of persons that match the below-given criteria or scenarios do not need to get a Turkish student visa:

  • International students that have completed their secondary or higher secondary education from Turkey who then want to complete their Bachelors or Masters in Turkey won’t require a Student Visa.
  • Those students whose parents are in Turkey on a work visa and possess a residence permit won’t require to apply for a student visa to pursue their education.
  • Anyone who is a student belonging to the Northern Republic of Cyprus need not get a student visa to pursue studies in Turkey.
    A Blue Card Holder too won’t require a student visa to study in Turkey.

While this is uncommon for most countries, it does serve to motivate people to become Turkish citizens themselves or it rather boasts about the benefits of becoming a Turkish citizen. Regardlessly, there’s plenty of things yet that you need to know about gaining a student visa for Turkey education.

Turkish Student Visa Types

Studying in Turkey isn’t only limited to obtaining a degree in a specific stream or subject. There are different types of Turkish student visa available based on the type of education a person seeks to obtain from within the country.

These are the following types of Turkish student visas that you can apply for depending on your choice of the type of study you prefer to obtain:

  • Course Purpose
  • Education Purpose
  • Education in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Internship AIESECTurkish Language Course Purpose
  • Internship visa
  • Internship ERASMUS

Each of these student visa types has its own specific requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain them. Their validity also differs from each other and you can learn more about the various details concerning them by visiting the Turkish Consulate website.

Turkish Student Visa Requirements

Seeking to get a Turkish student visa for the purpose of receiving education inevitably requires following a procedure that in itself contains some preferences and guidelines of their own. These are common details that will be used by the respective university and the Turkish Immigration consulate for the purpose of drawing out your visa status.

For the general usability of this guide, we’ll instruct you only about the requirements of obtaining the Education Purpose student visa:

  • A Complete Visa Application Form filled with at least the compulsorily required details.
  • A Passport with at least two blank pages possessing validity that extends to 60 days beyond the intended stay period in Turkey.
  • A Visa Exemption or e-Visa proof if owned.
  • Biometric Photographs that adhere to Turkey Visa requirements.
  • Proof of booked Flight Tickets and proof of the fees paid for your educational program.
  • Existing diplomas, transcripts, and certificates are a must and a letter of scholarship if any.
  • A certified Residence Permit with at least one year of validity.
  • An acceptance letter issued by your respective educational institution wherein you desire to obtain admission. The institution must be a certified authority under the Turkish Ministry of Education.
  • A confirmation letter from your school acknowledging your exchange student status if you are one.
  • Your bank statements of the past two months up till the week of filling the application. They should reflect that you have reasonable savings for the six-month stay or equivalent to $4,250 or more.
  • A sponsor letter if you are being sponsored along with the bank statements and passport copies of your actual sponsor.
    Proof of Accommodation details in Turkey, if available.

It is important to note that the application should only be submitted, in your country of residence, to the Turkish Embassy, Turkish Consulate, or a third party Visa Application Center that is recognized by both the formerly mentioned government bodies.

Additional Information for Turkish Student Visa

Apart from being familiar with the structure of applying for a student visa to continue your studies in Turkey, there are a few additional things you need to know to become more confident about your prospects of receiving the student visa.

Best Time to Apply for Turkish Student Visa

To avoid problems during the time of the beginning of your education in Turkey or losing out on semester days, you should apply for the student visa ideally before 60 days of your intended arrival in Turkey. However, do not apply any later than one month prior to your Turkey trip arrangements.

Duration of Student Visa of Turkey and Fees

The student visa concerning Education Purpose type that is valid up to six months may approximately cost $135 whereas the student visa pertaining to the same type but is valid beyond six months could cost approximately $500.

Final Words

After learning so much, you should also know that the time of receiving a Turkish student visa could take up to 90 days when obtained from the consulate and only 24 hours when obtained via online medium. A Turkish student visa will only be provided in the above-mentioned duration after your application is deemed to be properly submitted and accepted after verifying that your submitted documents are in order.

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