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How Do I Pay for Medical Treatment and Other Services?

How Do I Pay for Medical Treatment and Other Services?

Medical treatments and services are available in Turkey according to the international standard of medical health care .46 hospitals in Turkey are accredited with JCI. Overall, internationally recognized health care systems exist in Turkey.

What Type of Currency Is Accepted in Turkey?

Lira is the official currency of Turkey and acceptable everywhere in the country.

All major currency USD, GBP, EUR are accepted in Turkey. There is also an exchange option of AUD are available, but one may not be able to spend it.

Hotels usually accept USD and Euros. They often code their rates in euros and USD. Some big stores and remote sites also accept USD and Euros. Although if you headed to the countryside, you must need a lira to pay. If you choose to pay in Euros or USD, exchange rates are applicable, Merchant often apply those exchange rates which boost their profit interest and making it more expensive than paying in local currency

How Do I Pay for Treatment and Other Services?

Mostly Hotels accept USD and Euros. If it comes to pay for your treatments in the health care sector, Turkey has tourism-oriented hospitals, they deal with foreign community and have different payment options for can opt according to their ease. In the private sector Usually, the treatment rates are displayed in USD, so one can go for this.

Do you want to pay before arrival in Turkey for your treatment? Before the arrival, according to patient condition, a medical plan has been issued with all pricing detail. Normally do not acquire you to do an advanced deposit for concerning treatment. Although the patient has to pay after they arrive in Turkey before initiation of diagnosis or treatment.

There are several options for paying for services and treatment:

• Remote payment for medical services

If a patient wanted to make the remote transfer, patient can consult to the financial department of the respective hospital, they can provide an invoice for remote payment;

• Bank transfer or card transfer
• Deposit account

Bank reserve the right to issue deposit accounts. Deposit accounts are rarely issued in case of complex treatments or high risk.

ATM Services

In Turkey, ATM services are available all the time and everywhere. Turkey has one of the largest ATM networks. Automated teller (cash) machines (cash points, bathmats) are everywhere in Turkish cities, airports, and even in most small towns.

To find the ATM near you use;

• VISA ATM Locator
• Master Card ATM Locator
• AMX ATM locator.

Do We Use Banks Card and Debit Cards in Turkey for Services Payment?

Credit and debit card are widely accepted in Turkey. Debit and visa cards are usually accepted in most places with American Express systems are available in most hotels and restaurants. In case of any inconvenience while paying or regarding any issue in activity of debit or credit card. It has been recommended to visit the country bank. They will better guide you about the condition.

Opening Hours of Banks in Turkey

In general, the opening hours in banking sector starts from 8: 30 or 9.00 pm and closed between 5.00 pm to 5: 30 pm. Many banks provide 24-hour accessible internet banking services in English and they also provide telephone bank services which may vary from 24 hours to less.