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How Do I Marry a Turkish Man?

How Do I Marry a Turkish Man?

How to marry a Turkish man? If this question plagues your mind here we are with this article to answer all your questions, bust all your misconceptions, and tell you all about marrying a Turkish man.

No one can deny that Turkish men are superbly attractive. Their lovely pair of eyes with a charming smile, friendly disposal, and polite behavior can make any woman go weak in the knees. If you too have been captivated by the charisma of a Turkish man and have decided to get married to a Turkish man, you have come to the right place. Read on to know all about getting married in Turkey to a Turkish man.

Can I Marry a Turkish Man?

First things first, as a foreigner this is the first question that must be coming to your mind. And, you must already know the answer to this, which is, yes you can. Regardless of your citizenship, you can choose to get married to a Turkish man your prince charming. All you have to do is, find out about the legalities of doing so.

How to Marry a Turkish Man in Turkey?

The most important things you need to know before you get married to a Turkish man are the legalities of getting married within the country with a citizen. The legal matters are as follows:

  • Both of you should be more than 18 years of age.
  • Both should be in a sound mental condition.
  • You two must not be closely related to each other.
  • Only heterosexual marriages are recognized as legal in Turkey.
  • If either of you were previously married, the marriage should be dissolved in the court of law before getting married again.
  • If you and your fiancé both fulfill the above conditions, you can easily get married to a Turkish man in Turkey.

What Documents Do I Need to Marry a Turkish Man?

The next step is to know about the documents you need to marry a Turkish man in Turkey. The important documents that you must submit to get permission to legally marry a Turkish man in Turkey are:

  • Passport or any other legal identification document
  • Health certificate to prove both of you are mentally and physically healthy
  • Birth certificate to prove both your age
  • Divorce or death certificate of previous spouse if either of you has been married before
  • Pictures

These are the documents you need to submit to get legal permission to marry a Turkish man in Turkey.

Once you get permission to get married, you can do so within six months. But it is imperative to know that to get permission to marry a Turkish man all your documents must be in order. You can choose to take the help of a marriage consultation agency if you are in doubt. But the marriage bureau of Turkey is also extremely helpful in this regard. So, you can just walk-in to get information regarding marrying a Turkish man.

What Do I Need to Marry a Turkish Man?

Honestly, you do not need anything to marry a Turkish man. If you fulfill all the legalities, you are free to get married to a Turkish man.

So, what can you expect by getting married to a Turkish man? Here is some snippet of the life you can expect.

Marriage is a family affair in Turkey

Do not for a second think that you are getting married to a Turkish man. You are getting married to his entire family. Turkish are family people and it is a common occurrence that grown-up men stay with their parents in the same house. Expect to be a part of a very big, loving family if your Turkish man’s family accepts you with open arms.

Food is a huge part of Turkish culture

When you marry a Turkish man, be prepared to eat a lot. Food is a huge part of Turkish culture because Turkish people love to eat. They are also very friendly, so be prepared to play host to guests and be guests at the home of many people. You will be visiting many relatives after you are married to a Turkish man and they will visit you too. One thing is for sure you will never starve or be lonely when you are married to a Turkish man.

Turkish men are dominating and Chauvinistic? No!

Turkish culture varies a lot from western cultures. So, you will become a part of an amazing tradition that is thousands of years old. This culture and tradition have a set role based on gender and that is what is expected of you when you become a part of it. Women doing household work is a part of Turkish culture, but things have changed now. Women go out and work all the time. It is all about the understanding you have with the man you get married to. Having said that, you would not regret getting married to a Turkish man, because they are fiercely loyal and extremely family-oriented.

But do you want to know the best thing about getting married to a Turkish man? You would get to call Turkey your home. However, it doesn’t mean you will get Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish man. For that, you would need to fulfill certain conditions. But at least you will get to stay and visit the country.

Also, if you get married in the country itself, you need not spend on honeymoon either. Turkey is famous for its beauty. You can get married and start your honeymoon right away. The country is home to some of the most exquisite beaches and natural wonders. You can also visit museums and have a gala time finding and learning about the rich history of Turkey with your new, handsome Turkish husband. So, what are you waiting for? Get married to a Turkish man and start living you are happily ever after. Not everyone is as lucky to get to have such a great husband.