History of Mokissos: The Ancient City

History of Mokissos: The Ancient City

History of Mokissos

Turkey is one of the most famous and loved countries by architects all around the world, due to its rich heritage and mesmerizing monuments of centuries. If you are an ancient building fanatic and want to see amazing ancient cities, then Turkey should be your next vacation destination. The history of Mokissos, the ancient city, is going to be our talking point for today’s article.

Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Hierapolis, and Termessos are some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring monuments present in the country. One such historical place is the ancient city, Mokissos. It’s one of the huge attractions among the tourists, due to its spellbinding structure and amazing architecture.

Visit this amazing ancient city of Mokissos to relive the luxury of the bygone era, and see how the architectures were so advanced in that time of history. The most amazing thing about Turkey is indeed its architectural buildings, and you won’t be disappointed with these fascinating buildings and prehistoric cities.

The Fantabulous Architecture of Turkey

If you want to experience the stunning aesthetics of nature, as well as the ancient structures of the bygone era of vivid culture and population, then Turkey is your holiday place! Turkey boasts architectural buildings and monuments of various empires.

Turkey is influenced by Byzantine architecture, as well as Iranian and Islamic traditions blending with Ottoman culture. Turkey is a perfect gateway into ancient times and a country with rich historical monuments and mesmerizing ancient cities.

History of Mokissos: The Ancient City

Mokissos, also known as “Nora,” is a town of ancient Cappadocia. The Romans called the city Mocisus, and the city was reconstructed by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who is also known as; “Justinian the Great,” and then the city was renamed as; “Justinianopolis.”

Mocisus was made the capital of the province of Cappadocia Tertia by Justinian the Great. This not only elevated the city’s reputation but also gained huge popularity all over the country at that time. The area of the city was then expanded by him, and it stretched all the way to the south of the Halys River to the river of Asia Minor.

The name “Justinianopolis” was reserved until the end of Byzantine rule. Stephanus of Byzantium called the town Moukissos. In the scenedesmus, the name appears as Rhegemoukisos.

This ancient city is located near Asiatic Turkey and has become a huge hit among welcoming tourists. The Turkish government has included this site in one of the top destinations to visit in the country and people are becoming aware of the history of this place.

With its history going back to the Hellenistic period, periods of Mediterranean history between the death of Alexander the Great and the emergence of the Roman Empire, the ancient city of Mokissos, which is also known as “Nora,” was compared to the ancient city of Ephesus in the region, it’s still waiting to be regenerated and reconstructed again.

Founded on Hasan Mountain in the Helvadere district in the central Anatolian province of Aksaray, the ancient city takes its visitors to the depths of history, as it has monumental Roman tombs, dating from the fourth century to the seventh-century church walls, and unique and unparalleled natural beauty.

This ancient city is one of the largest cities of the Cappadocia province and is well kept until today. Mokissos consists of dwellings built with natural basalt blocks, stone monumental tombs, churches, and cisterns. Archeologists have done mapping and architectural documentation studies on this ancient city and it’s said that the excavations will begin in the month of June 2021.

Also, the history of Mokissos could be sketched back to the early Hellenistic period, as you can clearly see the Hellenistic approach in the making of the monument and the huge influence of that era’s architects on the buildings.

When a study was conducted in the 1990s, it was discovered that the pagan tombs date back between the first and the second century A.D. Around the fifth century, a large city was built near these tombs and attracted civilization in the sixth or seventh century.

When you visit this ancient city, you will definitely see that these houses and residents were able to house a thousand civilians in the city, giving us an idea of the population of that time.

More than 32 churches are well-preserved and taken care of in the ancient city of Mokissos. Among them, the Arched Church is known to be the best church. The cistern structures make this city one of the most mesmerizing cities to visit. You will see an architectural wonder of that time as the streets and passages are connected to each other.

It’s quite astonishing that the ancient city Mokissos was not discovered until now. The vast area of the site makes it one of the most important and impressive architectural wonders. And the Turkish government has made sure that remains are kept under a naturally protected area.

It’s said that the excavation will tell about the story of the city and how old the city of Mokissos is. The city of Nora can be the primeval city of Ephesus situated in Central Anatolia. This excavation of the city will tell tourists further about the importance of Aksaray.

The site has been updated for the visitors who come here to visit this exciting and architectural wonder of Turkey. The installation of direction signs and the promenade from the entrance to the exit of the site has made it easy to reach the place and wander to the ancient history of Mokissos. The city is eleven kilometers from Ihlara Valley and throughout the year, many people visit the city. The number is quite huge, and you will clearly see how important this city is to the Turkish economy.

Final Words – History of Mokissos: The Ancient City

If you love to visit amazing and ancient cities, then Turkey is your dream destination. Mokissos will help you relive various eras of the country, and you will definitely enjoy your time here in this amazingly built ancient city of Mokissos. So, pack your bags, and let’s go into the bygone eras of various dynasties with this spellbinding city.