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Getting Married in Turkey

Getting Married in Turkey

Turkey offers three types of the marriage registration process that require slightly different documentation. These types are- the marriage of Turkish citizens, the marriage of a Turkish citizen and a foreigner, and marriage of foreigners living in Turkey.

Situations for Foreigners to Get Married in Turkey

Yes, foreigners can get married in Turkey. Unfortunately, the religious wedding in Turkey is not considered legal in Turkey. For this, you require having a civil ceremony first before organizing a religious ceremony. You must also know that foreigners, who are not legally allowed to get married in their respective countries, cannot marry in Turkey as well.

If two foreign nationals of the same country want to get married in Turkey, they must connect the authorities of their country in Turkey or the embassy, or the Turkish authorities to perform the civil marriage.

If the foreigners choose to perform a civil marriage in front of the Turkish authorities, you require showing a document as proof of your permission to marry. This document can be obtained from the authorities of your nation either in residence or from the delegation of your nation in Turkey.

Suppose you are a foreigner who has both Turkish and other nationality, you are required to get married through Turkish authorities. The same applies to the marriage of a foreigner and a Turkish citizen.

How to Perform a Civil Marriage in Turkey?

As it is said earlier, only civil marriages are permissible in Turkey. Here are some steps that would help you to know about the civil marriage procedure in a better way.

● Foreigners need to submit the marriage application at the local marriage office in person to inform the authority about your marriage. It can be registered either in the office of your country’s embassy or at the Turkish marriage office in Turkey.

● You must submit the certificates and other mandatory forms in the local marriage office. The date of the marriage ceremony must also be informed.

● Once your application is accepted, your documents get stamped and certified by the alderman (Muhtar) of the district. Keep in note that this certificate for foreigners’ marriage in Turkey will be valid for 6 months.

● In addition to this, you require at least 2 witnesses to sign the documents. Make sure that they should not be your immediate family members.

Foreigners who are considering marrying in Turkey must do their assignments with a professional before starting the marriage procedure in Turkey.