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Experience The Breathtaking Ethnic Magnificence of Bodrum Turkey

Experience The Breathtaking Ethnic Magnificence of Bodrum Turkey

From Ankara to Izmir and Istanbul to Antalya, history sparkles from every monument in the country and you will be oozed by the vivid culture and heartwarming people. Turkey has been blessed with history’s paramount moments and the remains are telling the tale of its glorious past.

If old-styled architecture and historical diversity get butterflies in your stomach then it is time for you to embrace your inner explorer and join the voyage of visiting the ancient cities of Turkey. Among these amazing ancient cities, Bodrum is one of the most visited and adored cities in the cross-continental country.

Keep reading and see why Bodrum is worth its weight in gold among the most ancient cities in the world and make your trip a memorable and unforgettable one too.

Rich History of Bodrum

The ancient Greek city was known as Halicarnassus in the bygone era and it is situated in the modern marvelous site of Bodrum in Turkey. Dorian Greeks founded the city and left their mark by implementing the head of Medusa, Athena, Poseidon, or the trident on the coins and it suggests that Troezen and Argos were their mother cities.

In the early period of the city, Halicarnassus was a member of the famed Dorian Hexapolis. However, it was banished from the federation due to the controversy created by one of its citizens called Agasicles. He took the holy tripod after winning the triopian games instead of respecting the tradition to dedicate it to the triopian Apollo.

After some time, the city was conquered by Persians and under their tutelage, it became the capital city of the satrapy of Caria. However, Alexander the Great declared war on this city after reaching the Carian lands and together with the help of the queen Ada of Caria, captured the city after fighting in 334 BCE.

Listed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient period; the Mausoleum of Mausolus was built by the ancient Greek architects Satyros and Pythias on the order of Artemisia II of Caria. They, with the help of four sculptures; Bryaxis, Scopas, Leochares, and Timotheus, built a monument and tomb to remember Mausolus.

In 1402, crusader knights used the remains of the Mausoleum and built the Castle of Saint Peters, which is a lively example of crusader architecture. The Castle of Saint Peter came under attack by the Ottoman rulers in the 15th century by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. The knights were finally defeated in 1522 with the help of a huge force and a siege that lasted almost 6 months. The knights were withdrawn to Sicily and then moved to Malta.

Until the mid-20th century, Bodrum was a peaceful and quiet town of fishermen and there was a large presence of bilingual Cretan Turks.

Bodrum is a peaceful city from the beginning and has no notable history of political or religious extremism in the city.

Captivating Culture of the City

When we talk about the culture of the city then Turkey boasts one of the most vivid and diverse cultures. Bodrum is also one of these cities that has all the elements of the Ottoman era, Greek era, and Persian era architectures in it.

The traditional buildings of the city are made from local materials such as stone, wood, clay, and cane and are known for their prismatic contours and minimalistic designs. White and blue colors dominate the construction in the city. White is chosen due to its bugs and Scorpio repellent traits and blue is favored due to its protection against bad luck.

Bodrum International Ballet Festival has been held in the city since 2002. Additionally, Bodrum International Biennial and Bodrum Baroque Music festivals are another two events that are held in the city annually.

Exceptional Economy of Bodrum

As the city of Bodrum is situated near the sea and is mainly used as a port, the economy of this anchorage city is based on fishing and sponge diving. You can trace the sponge diving tradition at least three thousand years back and the modern sponge diving was made prevalent after the settling of Koan and Cretan immigrants into the city.

From 1945 to 1965, these 20 years are counted as the golden years of the city as more than 150 boats were engaged in the sponge diving activities. However, the sponge diseases, production of artificial sponge, and the ban on sponge diving put a huge block on the otherwise money-spinning industry of the city.

As the years passed, the city was slowly becoming a hub for tourists and that boosted the local business of Bodrum. The retail and service industry of the city saw an upturn in their fortune and leather goods and traditional woven sandals were the most demanded items of the city market.

The Carian trail also passes by the city and hence becomes a huge attraction for hikers both from inside and outside of Turkey. The economy is also boosted by the famous Turkish delights and tourists just love to eat them and enjoy their time in the city of Bodrum, Turkey.

Top Attraction and Things to do in Bodrum, Turkey

The turquoise coast of Bodrum is a perfect example of vibrant Turkey. The city is a very famous holiday destination with ocean bobbling with marvelous yachts and the city boasting of amazing ancient attractions.

In this photogenic city, you can go to visit The Castle of St. Peter which is a dream destination for every visitor. The cool and slow sea breeze touching your face while standing on the tower of the castle will take you back to the peaceful state in your mind. The boat trips will help you see the beautiful and mesmerizing world of the marina and help you enjoy a vacation full of sun, sand, sea.

Mausoleum will take you back to the bygone era and will help you relive the ancient world of the Bodrum and the Bodrum Theater will help you see the Roman Construction differently. If you are tired of visiting ancient places then you can always visit the traditional white and blue town of the city and shop at the mesmerizing Bazaar of Bodrum.

Final Words

If you are a history buff and want to visit alluring ancient sites then keep Bodrum in the first place to visit during your lazy holiday. This peaceful and beautiful city will help you relax and charge you up with the amazing atmosphere and mesmerizing ocean!