Establish a Business For The Sale of Motor Vehicles in Turkey

Establish a Business For The Sale of Motor Vehicles in Turkey

Sale of Motor Vehicles in Turkey

Turkey’s automobile industry is very competitive, as it is one of the country’s most prosperous sectors. Those who wish to start a business in the sale of motor vehicles in Turkey can do it in a variety of ways, with the selling of motor cars being one of the most common. The automotive industry is one of Turkey’s most productive economic sectors, with many firms producing and selling automobiles. Because several large car manufacturers have facilities in Turkey, starting a business selling automobiles may be a lucrative venture.

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Turkey is one of the European Union‘s most significant commercial partners, and several of the EU’s largest automakers have plants in Turkey, from which vast numbers of vehicles depart every day. Our company formation agents in Turkey can show you how to start a business selling vehicles in Turkey if you wish. You should also be aware that we can assist you with the registration of this sort of business in Turkey.

The First Step to Open a Car Dealership in Turkey is The Company Registration

Any business activity in Turkey must be carried out under one of the types of structures established by the Company Law. This is why, whether you are a local or international investor wanting to sell motor vehicles in Turkey, the first step is to form a business in Turkey.

  1. Find a good place to show the automobiles and other vehicles (the address can also be used as a legal address for the company).
  2. Find a suitable name for the business (the name must be unique and must reflect the activity of your business).
  3. Select the company’s organizational structure (the private limited liability company is preferred by most investors).
  4. Prepare the appropriate funds to be utilized as share capital in such activities.
  5. In the city where your firm will operate, register the company with the Companies Register.

You can register the name of your firm as a trademark with the Turkey Patent and Trademark Office, even if it is not required. This will assist you in developing a brand for your Turkish business. In terms of the Turkish business formation procedure, a team of experts may help.

Types of Motor Vehicles That Can Be Sold in Turkey

As an investor and entrepreneur, you may sell almost any type of vehicle if you wish to start a business in the automobile industry in Turkey. Also, Turkey is a world leader in the manufacture of public transit and agricultural vehicles. Large vehicle manufacturers from Europe and Asia have operations in Turkey, where they make vehicles that are sold all over the world.

Turkey has negotiated special agreements for the motor vehicles manufactured here to comply with the requirements of the different nations for this purpose. If you decide to open a car dealership in Turkey, you will be able to offer both foreign and domestically manufactured vehicles and motorcycles, as well as old (used) cars.

Regulations When Selling Motor Vehicles in Turkey

Obtaining import permission for the relevant automobiles is one of the most essential elements to consider when selling imported cars in Turkey. When importing such cars, Turkish firms must adhere to a few customs requirements; nevertheless, the buyer is responsible for completing the registration process. The auto dealership must guarantee that the motor vehicle being sold complies with Turkish CO2 emission regulations.

The dealer that sells the automobile or other mode of transportation must deliver the vehicle within the terms of a contract that complies with competition laws. This means that the items to be sold must adhere to market prices. The selling of secondhand automobiles is exempt from this restriction.

Why Establish a Business in The Automotive Sector in Turkey?

Turkey is by far one of the most sought-after locations for the manufacture of various modes of transportation. Two of the most significant features of beginning a business in this area are the low cost of labor and the facilities in which automobile manufacturers may expand their operations. In terms of numbers:

● Turkey is the world’s 15th largest automobile manufacturer (85 percent of the cars produced here are exported),
● Turkey is also Europe’s fifth-largest automobile manufacturer,
● Nine significant research and development facilities that assist international automobile firms are located in the country,
● At the European level, Turkey had a market of 21 million cars in 2017,
● Turkey had eighteen automobile manufacturing units at the end of 2018,

If you need assistance starting a business in the automotive sector in Turkey or selling cars, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Types of Businesses for Selling Motor Vehicles in Turkey

As previously said, the automotive industry’s behemoths operate out of a variety of sites in Turkey, which explains why a wide range of cars is available for purchase. We will highlight a few of them:

● New vehicles from several of the world’s major automakers can be successfully marketed in Turkey,
● Second-hand vehicles are also in demand, and they may be a lucrative business opportunity for both local and international investors,
● Because Turkey is one of the major makers of public transit vehicles, these motor vehicles may be purchased through dealerships,
● Motorcycles can also be purchased through motor vehicle dealerships in Turkey,

A type of motor vehicle composed of agricultural gear can also be sold in Turkey. Automobile spare parts can also be sold by Turkish companies that sell vehicles. The automobile industry is thriving, and Turkish businesses benefit from the export of a wide range of vehicles.