Would You Like To Know How Can You Adopt A Pet From Turkey?

Would You Like To Know How Can You Adopt A Pet From Turkey?

Being an animal lover, Turkey is the best choice to enjoy your vacations with pets in the street among the versatile culture. Usually, expats, who spend their vacation in Turkey, never forget to mention stray cats and dogs. The camera never forgets to capture the pets seeing you from a mile. Even some of the expats have made such a bond in a short span, that they decide to bring that cat or dog with themselves.

Istanbul is a city where stray dogs and cats are just hanging out in every street and the café front. Stray cats and dogs grab the attention of each new entering in Istanbul, A visitor often amazed by seeing the warmth, care for the street pets and the environment giving an equality look leaves an unforgettable impression on their visitors. There are hustle and bustle of pets around the street, market, and cafés.

Someone said, "the stray cats are not just cats, they are mirror". They might be watching you from somewhere, corner, or some time following you around your way. Istanbul is the 18th largest city in the world with 15 million people. The New York Times estimates that there are 125000 cats and 130,000 dogs roaming freely in Istanbul.

Turkey's government recently has passed out a law, according to that leaving an animal without water and food, torturing and any physical punishment will be a crime. The suspect will be subjected to punishment. Although the law and their implementation are in their beginning stages.

Some Deep Words

‘Love for the animal is a special kind of love, those who can’t love animal don’t have a love for people’ Turkey's government and local administration pay immense attention to their care, feeding, and vaccination. Visitors and residence often admire them for their services for stray animals. Even in lockdown Turkey government has ordered the local administration to feed them properly.

Can a Foreigner Adopt a Pet from Turkey?

A Turkey has a big stray dog and cat population. So, a foreigner or a tourist can easily adopt a street pet, after doing some official work.Several online platforms are working for rehoming rescue dogs ‘’’you can adopt your dog from their website. PetsinTurkey.org is another international organization working voluntarily for animals, through this channel European Union and the United States can adopt a cat or dog for free. Contact them and choose your pet.

Apply for Pets International Paperwork

If the chosen pet is not younger than 4 months, than you have to pay to the veterinarian for the health certificate. Muhammet Nuri Coskun, Director of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Services, urged people to adopt stray cats and dogs instead of buying. Which could help them for rehoming of stray dogs.

The largest Turkey animal shelter is situated in Istanbul, where each day 26 vehicles run across the city to bring stray dogs for nursing. The shelter house examined each day's number of dogs and cats. Stray dogs are ok to be adopted as a pet.

A Guideline for Traveling with Your Pet

If you decided to travel with your newly adopted puppy, here follow we have listed some checkpoints. If you have adopted some street animal which is healthy and happy then its completely ok, just fly with your love. In some cases, if a cat or dog has been suffering from some diseases such as parasites (fleas and worm) so check them out carefully.

3 Months Older Cats and Dog Need Rabies Test

If you decided to choose a dog than street dogs are usually at the risk of 2 serious disease arbovirus and distemper. Regular vomiting, watery diarrhea sometimes with blood, and runny nose belongs to that disease.

These 2 diseases are such which can’t be diagnosed by a person itself. If dog is showing some pain, physical disproportional or any abnormality take it immediately to vet. Make sure that the pet should be healthy before flying.

Don’t wait for paperwork until the last day come and the procedure is almost same for both casts and dog. The requirement for traveling with your pet more often depends on your entering country.

The animal needs to be examined, vaccinated, microchipped by vat, then they issue vaccinated booklets and health certificates.

For European countries like Australia for traveling with a dog requires a certificate rabies titer test from a government certified lab. The certificate is valid for up to 1 year after the vaccination. The test must be performed after 1 month of vaccination.

For United State you can skip rabies just, a health certificate issued by your Vat would be enough. Many other countries accept your vat report as proof for vaccinated and healthy.
If your pet doesn't belong to a cat or dog and especially it is turtle or bird, it is not protected by CITES.you need to apply for an additional permit. Over 180 countries participate and enforce CITES regulation.

In short, if you decided to adopt your pet from Turkey than stray cats and dogs are a virtuous option. An animal lover can opt for any of breed dog and cat. Adoption of a pet in Turkey is not just more than choosing your fav if you belong to a foreign country you need a health certificate or some paperwork. It would not cost you something greater than 50 Euros.