Winter Holiday Destinations of Turkey: Bursa and Uludag

Winter Holiday Destinations of Turkey: Bursa and Uludag

When we think about Turkey; pictures of beautiful beaches and sunny days will be carved in our minds habitually. However, if you follow Turkey closely, you will get to know how beautiful and amazing the winter season it boasts! 

Tourists love to visit this amazing country in the winter season too and ski-aficionados and snowboarding fanatics just love the huge mountains Turkey possesses. Alpenglow accounts for a beautiful and mesmerizing sunset and sunrise for tourists!  

Two of the most prominent provinces of Turkey during the winter season are Bursa and Uludağ. 


From hot springs to breathtaking ski slopes, Bursa is a match made in heaven for winter enthusiasts! Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman Empire back in the day and a perfect winter getaway destination for tourists who want to spend vacation time in pearly and fluffy snow. 

Bursa’s best thing is the hot springs and it is believed that it can cure various diseases. The province is full of natural beauty and home to the amazingly delightful Turkish culinary delicacies. 

The Bursa Covered Bazaar dates back to the seventh century and was one of the first Ottoman era and one of the most popular centers of shopping enthusiasts, even to this date. In winter times, this province is covered in snow and makes a beautiful and eye-catching visual you’ll remember for your whole life. 


Uludağ, known as Mysian Olympus in ancient times, is a mesmerizing mountain range in Bursa province with an elevation of 2.543 m. It is 36 km in the south of Bursa and Turkey’s one of the most loved and preferred destinations for skiing and various winter sports. 

The richness of flora and fauna has turned this destination into a national park and the popularity is soaring through the roof! It is among the first mountains in Turkey to have snow every year and can be reached both by the highway and cable car. 

With top-notch ski equipment, rental and instructors aplenty, and 27 hotels available on the mountain; you just have to bury your worries in snow and enjoy the chilly and powdered snow skiing on the mountain.  

If you want to spend your winter in a top-class place then look no further than Bursa and Uludağ! Turkey boasts one of the best destinations for winter and tourists love the amazingly snowy mountains.