What Is the Best Way to Travel Around Turkey?

What Is the Best Way to Travel Around Turkey?

For a country as big as Turkey - stretching from Greece to Syria, from Bulgaria to Iran and connecting two continents Asia and Europe respectively- the Turkish inhabitants never face the shortage of transport options. 

From buses, bikes, to trains to rental cars and luxurious seaplanes- you name it, they have it! Here are some things you should know about getting around Turkey.

Fly Around Turkey

Turkey is one of the easiest countries to navigate by plane as there are a host of airlines that can fit your budget and schedule. Dropped prices and faster commuting are the reasons for the boost in the air industry. It will take about 8 hours to reach Izmir to Istanbul when using the bus, while it will take only about one-hour through the plane. 

The airlines are clean, tidy, and punctual about time and the airports will give you the best experience. 

Car Rental Services 

You may think renting a car in Turkey must be a crazy idea. If you have nerves of steel, an amazing level of patience, and a hobby of a honking horn, then driving in Turkey will be your dream day out. All you need is your ID such as your passport or driver’s license and you can get a rental car easily. 

While driving in Turkey, expect the unexpected and be ready for an adventure.

Boats and Ferries   

With a beautiful coastline surrounding the country, ferries are one of the most popular ways to travel around Istanbul to the Turkish holiday centers of Bodrum and Marmaris to Greek islands. The day trip to the Greek islands is about 35 euros. 

Keep researching as the schedule tends to change frequently. 


Seaplane is the newcomer to the transportation sector and making waves in the industry. Privately operated, the seaplanes are one of the best options to fly from Istanbul to coastal areas. If you fancy a different transport option and want to experience a cool view, then a seaplane is a top choice for you. 

If you want to experience and explore Turkey in a whole different way; trying these transport services can prove to be a masterstroke. It will give you an amazing experience and a trip to remember.