Things to Know About Turkey Lifestyle

Things to Know About Turkey Lifestyle

Visitors are often amazed by the lifestyle of Turkish people. The blend of age-old traditions with modern living has made the lifestyle of Turkey unique indeed. The warmth and friendliness of Turkish people are already well known. But if you have never been to the country before, their lifestyle will surely amaze you. The language, family life, culture and traditions are a worth witnessing. As a tourist in Turkey, you will get absorbed into the country’s out of the ordinary lifestyle.

Turkey Lifestyle Facts

Turkish people love their get-togethers. They don’t rush around and instead take time to meet up with friends and family and have a chat over food. Turkish people fondly say that ‘dedikodu’ (gossip) is a way of life here. The lifestyle is mostly laid back where people enjoy the more important things of life, such as friendship and family life.

Although the religion followed by most people in Turkey is Islam, the country practices' freedom of religion which means that people are free to follow whichever religion they want to. In fact, Turkey is the only secular Islamic country in the world. Being majority Islamic followers doesn’t mean Turkey is extremist in terms of freedom of women. Unlike what most people worldwide belief, women make almost one-third of the work force in the cities.

Turkish hospitality is out of the world. Tourists, regardless of the gender, nationality or religion are treated as guests of the country. Turkish people go out of their way to make them feel at home. Turks are kind, generous and very welcoming. You will find strangers going out of their way to help tourists. Even going as far as to welcoming them into their homes and offering food.

Be Amazed with Turkey Lifestyle

Just make sure you don’t disrespect the country and its people. Although Turks are one of the friendliest people, they also don’t take lightly to dishonor. Visit this country, be astounded by its rich history, learn about Turkey lifestyle and culture. You will surely fall in love with the beautiful country.