The Importance of Family in Turkish Culture

The Importance of Family in Turkish Culture

Family holds a very important place in the Turkish culture. It would not be false to say that Turks are extremely family oriented people. Family ties are important and it is not unusual to find large families staying together in the same house. Turkish people stay in their family home with their parents and grandparents well into adulthood. Even if they must move out, they will stay in close contact with their family and visit often.

Turkish Culture Family Life

Family sizes and structures vary quite significantly from cities to rural areas. Families in cities are mostly nuclear, consisting of just parents and children. The average number of off springs in such families are two. Apartments are gaining in popularity as the choice place to stay in Turkey cities because of the convenience it provides to small families. It is believed to be an influence of the western culture.

Rural areas, on the other hand, still have large families with grandparents staying together. It is not uncommon to find as many as twelve children in a single household in rural areas.

Gender roles are still common in Turkey. The men of the house are expected to earn and the women take care of the household. Having said that, please note that you will find a lot of women in the workforce in the cities.

Turkish Culture Family Values

It is imperative that children of the family respect their elders and never undermine their authority. Respect depends on age and usually the eldest in the family holds the highest position. Young Turks behave formally with all elders, irrespective of if they belong to the family or not.
It is expected that the eldest man in the family will make decisions as to the conduct and behaviour of everyone within the family. And, everyone must follow the rules. Children are expected to not indulge in immoral conducts that can dishonour the family.

Nevertheless, children are very loved in Turkey. It is not considered dangerous or rude for strangers to hug or greet your children. It is also a common sight to see children playing on the streets unsupervised.

Amazing Turkey

To experience what it is really like, visit this beautiful country once. The culture, traditions and their loving hospitality will amaze you. You will enter as a visitor but will be welcomed as family.