Repair and Maintenance Business for Boats in Turkey

Repair and Maintenance Business for Boats in Turkey

In Turkey a business concerning the repair and maintenance of boats can be established either as a joint stock company or a limited company. While the steps for establishment is more or less the same for these type of companies there is a slight difference regarding the documents required for establishment in the last step. 

Founding Process

The founders of the company should prepare and sign a corporation charter. Once the charter is prepared and signed the authorization of the signatures is required.
After the authorization of the signatures, it is required to prepare the signature declarations of the company’s officials. In this phase the signatures of the people who are authorized to represent the company under the company’s name should be determined and must be approved by the competent authority.
In the third phase, the Competition Authority’s share and if the company in question to the establishment is a joint stock company the cash capital should be paid. The Competition Authority’s share is equivalent to %0.04 of the cash capital. If the company in question is a joint stock company %25 of its cash capital should be deposited into a bank account in the company’s name before the registry phase.
In the last phase, the founders or their competent representatives are required to apply to the Trade Record Directorship with their relevant documents in order to complete the registry phase. Also, the joint stock and limited company’s the commercial books must be authenticated by the directorship and given to whom it may concern.

You Will Need Several Permits and Approvals

A business concerning the repair and maintenance of boats is subject to several permits and approvals from the Ministry of Transportation, Seamanship and Communication whether it is a joint stock or limited company. According to the Regulation Regarding Shipyard, Ship Production and Harbor Launch anyone who wants to establish a business concerning the repair and maintenance of boats must initially apply to the ministry. Upon this application the administration shall state an affirmative or negative opinion to the İTDK report. 
According to art. 7, in the case of a statement of affirmative opinion, if a revision of the facility is needed a facility organization and settlement plan must be prepared and approved by the ministry. This can be done by an application to the ministry with the information and documents mentioned in the progressing articles. If the ministry also affirms this application, it is required to apply to the ministry in order to obtain a business permit stated in art.12.