Learn the Business Etiquette of Turkey

Learn the Business Etiquette of Turkey

Turkey has emerged to be a powerful participant in the business playground. Many big multinational companies have already opened their offices or are eyeing the country for expansion of their businesses. It is not unlikely that you might need to visit Turkey for a business meeting or to work at one of the multinational companies there. So, how should you behave during a business dealing or with your office colleagues in Turkey?

Business Etiquette in Turkey to Be Mindful

If you follow the below-mentioned business manners, you are sure to win over your business counterparts and colleagues in Turkey:
For Turkish people it's all about creating relationships of trust, mutual respect and friendship. So, don’t rush to get them to sign on any contract in the very first meeting. Get to know them first, have discussions outside business topics, go out for lunch or dinner. Work on building a relationship with your Turkish colleagues or business partners first. You will not only gain business but a lasting friendship.
When going for a business meeting make sure to greet the eldest member first. Turkish people have a lot of respect for their elders and by following their lead in doing the same, you will gain their admiration.
Know that punctuality is not the strongest point of Turks. Do not expect your Turkish business partners or colleagues to be on time for meetings.
Exchanging gifts is not a necessary part of business etiquette in Turkey. However, if someone gifts you something make sure you receive it and thank them politely. It is rude to not accept a gift.

Most Important Business Etiquette of Turkey

The most important business etiquette in Turkey, or in any country for that matter, is to be respectful. Do not say bad things about the country, culture, people, religion or the traditions of Turkey. Just be friendly and respectful towards your Turkish colleagues and business partners, even if you cannot follow the other etiquette. Being super friendly people, Turks wouldn’t mind if you miss on following certain business etiquette. It is, after all, one of the most peaceful and welcoming countries for doing business.