Experience Turkey’s Amazing Music Festivals

Experience Turkey’s Amazing Music Festivals

You would rarely find a country that is so unique like Turkey. Apart from its mesmerizing national beauty, Turkey’s history, culture and traditions are also great attractions for the visitors of the country. The blend of old values with modern lifestyle makes touring Turkey an experience in itself.

Numerous art and cultural festivals are held all through the year and in the biggest cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Konya. Along with international film, opera, theatre, dance festivals, Turkey also boasts of some of the most exclusive music festivals.

So, if you are a music fanatic, Turkey is a country you should surely check out. There are some amazing music festivals hosted here that will surely satiate your musical appetite.

Most Prominent Music Festivals in Turkey

You can find all about the music festivals, including their venue and the time when they will be held, online. Tourists from all over the world interested in festivals of Turkey visit the country during these times. And this is another reason attending one of these festivals is a memorable experience.

Some major music festivals of Turkey are as follows:

Istanbul International Jazz Festival

Istanbul One Love Festival

Antalya International Piano Festival

Konya International Mystic Music Festival

Izmir International European Jazz Festival

SunSplash Open Air Antalya Music Festival

Chill Out Musical Festival Istanbul

Efes Pilsen Blues Festival

Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival

This list does not contain all the music festivals held in Turkey throughout the year. It is just an example of how varied the kinds of music festivals held here are.

Turkey’s Music and Nightlife

If you cannot be in Turkey during the music festival of your choice, fret not! Whenever you are in the country check out their nightlife events. Nightlife with different genre of music is a regular event in Turkey. From Latin music, jazz and alternative rock to blues and pop, music lovers would find every kind in these events. While Antalya is most popular for nightlife, other cities will not disappoint you either.

Turkey is a music fanatic’s dream destination owing to the kind of music festivals held here. Even if you are not a music junkie, visit Turkey during one of these and you will become one.