Dressing in Turkey: What Is Clothing Trends in Turkey

 Dressing in Turkey: What Is Clothing Trends in Turkey

Turkey, a country that lays in the unique geography. Turkey takes part as a barrier and a bridge between the two big continents, Europe and Asian. That's what makes Turkey having diverse cultures, where is a mixture between Eastern and Western vibes.

Although we know that Islam is the most practised religion in there, Turkey is a secular country where people can dress as they like. The country is a mix of conservative and liberal peoples. Turks dress according to region, age, religion, and above all, according to necessity. Here, you will find what kind of clothes usually men and women wear in Turkey.


People from the Western part of the country is mostly wearing daily European style. It can be jeans, pants, leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, jackets... You can find them in big cities like Istanbul, and trendy neighbourhoods like Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and Bursa.  You can also see tattooed hipsters or fashionistas walking around these neighbourhoods just like in any European city.

However, it is common to see the Turkish females wearing the hijab in Istanbul, but in downtown Istanbul districts, they are usually the minority. On the other hand, you can find women wearing short clothes, revealing their bodies. It is shown how plural this side is.

Towns and Villages

This side of the country is less Western. They have been more conservative about what they wear. Mostly the peoples from the Eastern. Their woman usually dresses long-sleeved clothes and large kind of pants. They sometimes close their head with scarfs.

The scarfs are just traditional things here, and not because of religion. They don't wear this kind of scarf that much in cities because of their professionalism and business.

If you want to visit rural towns, they will accept you as you are. But I recommend you to wear something more modest (sleeved tops and knee-length dresses, shorts, or skirts) so you can be more comfortable without stares from the local peoples.