11 Most Popular Museums in the World

11 Most Popular Museums in the World

The most popular museums in the world are loved by people because they are rich in the history they display and are also extremely guest-friendly. These most visited museums in the world all organise great history shows, have knowledgeable tour guides to assist you and are very aesthetically designed. All these factors contribute to making people visit these museums over and over again. If museums are your fascination and you love visiting these palaces of history, make sure don’t miss out adding these most famous museums in the world to your bucket list. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed.

11 Most Popular Museums in the World

Louvre Museum in Paris, France 

Home to some of the most wonderful arts like the famous Mona Lisa, Louvre is the most visited museum in the world. The architecture and design of the museum itself are mesmerising. A tour of the inside of the museum is a wonderful experience. Even if you are not a museum lover, Louvre is one place that will take your breath away.

National Museum of China in Beijing

The National Museum of China is located in Beijing and is a must-visit for all history and art lovers. The museum receives visitors from all around the world and is one of the largest museums in the world. It would take you a full day to visit all the galleries and even more if you study everything keenly.

Vatical Museum in Vatican City

Housing the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum always makes to the most visited museums world list. Every year many people visit this museum as much as for its display as for a look at the chapel. The architecture of this museum is also stunning and is a must-visit for travellers.

British Museum in London

One of the greatest museums in the world, the British Museum houses all kinds of arts, historical artefacts and sculptures. The displays are enough to mesmerise anyone, be it museum lovers or general visitors. Even if museums are not your fascination, do not miss visiting this place. It is an experience unto itself.

American Museum of Natural History in New York

The location of the famous Hollywood movie, ‘Night at the museum’, this is a great place to take your kids too. It is surely the most interesting museum in the world for kids since they get to learn so much. The special attractions are the dinosaur skeletons like shown in the movie. It is a great place for a fun family outing.

National Gallery of Art in Washington, United States of America

This is possibly the most famous art museum in the world. The museum houses more than 130,000 pieces of work that traces the development of art in the western world. Every year numerous people visit this museum to wonder at and appreciate the beautiful creations on display. You should definitely add this to your bucket list of must-visit museums too.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum in China

If science and technological advancement are things that interest you, this museum should be on the top of your list. One of the most visited science museums in the world, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is awestriking. It was opened in 2001 and have since been receiving numerous visitors from the world over. The displays here are brilliant, futuristic and awe-inspiring.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

All art enthusiasts from all around the globe have surely heard of this museum. Simply known as The Met, this gorgeous museum is one of the most visited art museums in the world. The museum displays around whopping 2 million art pieces that have been curated from all over the world. The artefacts are as old as 5000 years old and would remind you of the rich history of mankind.

 National Palace Museum in Taiwan

Located in Taipei of Taiwan, this museum is home to some of the greatest Chinese art collections. If you are planning to visit Taiwan anytime in future, make sure you add this museum to your must-visit places. It is not without any reasons that this museum makes it to the most popular museums in the world. Even standing outside of the museum will give you an idea of its grandeur.

Hermitage Museum in Russia

This museum was started way back in the year 1764 and have since become one of the most famous museums in the world. It houses and displays more than 2.7 million pieces of art. The museum building itself is a piece of art and is stunningly beautiful. You would need a full day to just look at the exhibits in this museum. Then there are educational shows and guided tours.

Tate Museum in London

A must-visit for museum lovers, Tate Museum is the most interesting museum in the world. The modern art displays here are just out-of-the-world. Every year millions of visitors from all around the globe visit this museum to experience the stunning exhibits. If you are in London, make sure you don’t give this museum a miss.

Most Famous Museums Around the World for You to Visit

The above are the top 11 most popular museums around the world. If you love the arts, science, technology, nature and history, you should definitely visit the most visited museums in the world given on this list. They will surely offer you experiences that will be unforgettable. After all, museums are great places to learn about so many things.

There are other numerous beautiful and spectacular museums spread all around the world. Although many people don’t include museums in their list of must-visit places when they travel to a new place, they are rich in history. Visiting a museum takes you back in time or to a future world and offers a great insight into a different kind of existence. So, do visit these 11 most famous museums around the world.