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Do Turkish Doctors and Healthcare Personnel Speak English?

Do Turkish Doctors and Healthcare Personnel Speak English?

2 million health tourists hit the medical market of Turkey annually. It has been predicted that in 2023 medical tourists will possibly cross the figure of 2 million.
32% of medical patients annually come from foreign countries. Their reasonable rates with competitive quality for medication make the Turkey the best choice for health tourism.

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, but English is widely spoken in Istanbul.

Turkish is the most widely spoken language in the country, although some other old language has also been spoken in some parts.

3 foreign languages English, German and Russian are also spoken in the country in minor percentages. The percentage of English language speaking is 17%. Istanbul is the most visited city of Turkey. Mostly people of the city can talk in English even Visitors are often surprised by the relatively high level of English spoken by most of the natives.

The Medical Sector in Turkey

Hospitals in Turkey belong to two divisions

State hospitals

Private hospitals

State hospitals usually serve locals of the country. The doctors and administration staff is highly trained but most of the doctors and healthcare personnel in state hospitals do not speak in English and a non- native who cannot usually speak Turkish brings a translator with him.

State hospitals usually do not serve expats. In case of emergency, they are ready to provide you some necessary services. While private ones are specifically designed for overseas and often known as medical tourism-oriented hospitals.

Thus, the competition between these hospitals make employees best doctors, conduct scientific research, support tourist, and offer competitive prices.

USA’s giants cooperate with most of the hospitals and clinics in Turkey. Most of the surgeons and doctors belong to the USA. Some of them shifted to Turkey completely. They all are highly proficient in English speaking. All the leading doctors and surgeons are well versed in English than making it a highly accessible place for health tourists.

The community dealing with medical tourism-oriented hospitals mostly belongs to international platforms. So mostly private sector hospital deals in English.

Hospitals have been providing 24/7 health care services. One can easily book their appointment. Prior to booking they will ask for the language and refers to foreign patients to English-speaking doctors

There is a large health care private sector equipped with modern technology. According to Turkey health insurance policy foreigner patients are only allowed to take services in private sector hospitals.

A Huge Number of a Foreigner from Western Europe Visit Turkey for Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Dental Surgery

Istanbul and Ankara the two cities have hospitals with the finest, modern infrastructure and equipped with recent technologies.

The doctors, surgeons, and health care persons associated with tourist-oriented hospitals deal in fluent English. As high competition run among the private sectors makes them an easily accessible place for health tourist

Foreigners in Turkey Favor Private Medication Services Over the Public because of the;

High-quality treatments

Easy access to internationally recognized English-speaking doctors and the health care community.

No waitlist

Overall high standard in the sector

Much lower cost than in the USA and Europe