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Do I Need a Plug Adapter for Turkey?

Do I Need a Plug Adapter for Turkey?

You will find relevant information for Do I Need a Plug Adapter for Turkey? Will electrical appliances work as normal in Turkey? Do I have to bring an adaptor with me for my travel to Turkey? questions in details in this article.

You have renewed your password and have booked your one-way ticket to visit the beautiful cross-continent country. After packing all of your electrical appliances, you are still worried about how your appliances will adapt to the electricity in Turkey.

Do I Need a Plug Adapter for Turkey?

Well, this question is very genuine and has been there in lots of traveler’s minds. When you visit a different country, you have to make sure that you know everything about the electricity measurements of that country.

You will have to prepare for the little details upon packing your bags. One of the most important things is to pack the right electrical equipment you will need to use any electrical appliances during the trip. That means you need to search for the right travel adaptor or right voltage converter.

Now, let’s see about electricity in Turkey.

Turkish Electrical Information

Turkey operates on 220 volts and 50 Hz of the frequency with round-prong, European-style plugs that will fit into the recessed wall sockets and points. If you are staying in four or five-star hotels then you will be able to get your hands on the North American style 120 volts and 60 Hz flush-mounted electrical sockets.

Before you leave your home, check what your appliances will need and what they will work, and whether you will need a plug or not while traveling to Turkey. You will have many appliances with you that will have their power adapters such as laptops, computers, and DSLRs.

These electrical appliances are compatible anywhere and you can plug them into either 110-120 volts or 220-240 volts and they will adapt to the voltage automatically. When you stay in a posh hotel then you will be faced with another challenge.

This challenge comes in a square shape and it is known as the electrical room key. You insert the flat card-lookalike room key into the slot and it will activate all the electricity in your room. You will see these slots on the wall near the entrance door of your room.

It was implemented to cut hotel costs and save electricity while you are not in the room. However, what happens when you want to charge your appliances while you are away? Well, either you can put a hard piece of paper such as a business card into the slots to keep the electricity open all the time or you can use the outlets that are free from this card-cum-key restriction.

However, the best option for you is to charge your appliances at night while you are sleeping. So, you can use the whole day.

What Should I Bring With Me While Traveling To Turkey?

All electrical sockets are not created in the same way that is why you will need to bring various types of electrical connectors with you while traveling to Turkey. If you don’t bring the right electrical connectors with you then you may end up with burnt hair due to overheated curling iron or a fried cell phone.

What follows are some of the devices you should keep with you while traveling to turkey:

Travel Adapter Plugs

It doesn’t matter if two countries operate on the same voltage as their outlets might be of different shapes and the form of the plugs can differ too and that is where these adapters work wonders. These little things will allow you to plug your electrical appliances into other types of outlets.

These adapters are small and lightweight and you can pack them easily in your bag. If you are packing multiple electrical appliances then you should invest in multiple adapters to charge your devices at once. If you are a travel buff then it is a wise decision that you get a universal adaptor.

These adaptors can let you slide your plugs into various types of sockets in many countries. You can find these travel adapters for as low as $10. Get yourself an international adapter set and travel lightly with it!

Voltage Converters

When you see various countries’ voltage counts then you will see that North America works at 110 volts, while Japan and parts of South America run between 100 to 125 volts. As for Turkey, that voltage is set at 220 to 240 volts.

However, hold your horses! Don’t run and buy voltage converters or go berserk for voltage converters on online shopping portals. The reason being, when you buy a modern travel gadget, you need not worry about voltage difference as they are dual-voltage and can automatically convert to a decided voltage rate.

Most mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electrical appliances are dual-voltage so you need not buy a voltage converter. If you still buy these converters and plug your dual-voltage device through them then you can damage your device.

If you want to travel light then you should opt-out of choosing voltage converters as they are bulkier and heavier than adapters. And you should know one thing, you will always need an adapter with a converter, but you will not always need a converter with an adapter.

If you are traveling in Turkey then you will be visiting lots of ancient and archeological sites. Hence, you will need a good camera and its accessories. If you pack a much heavier convertor then you may need to compromise some of the fittings of the cameras and that will take away your ability to capture outstanding photos.

Power Strip

The most loved and preferred tool you will find in any travel bag is the power strip. It doesn’t matter if you have loads of electrical gadgets with you such as smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, or an electric toothbrush; you can charge them all simultaneously with the help of the power strip.

Plugin the adapter into the socket and then connect the power strip with the adapter and boom! All your gadgets will be up for charging in chorus. If you are traveling in Turkey then get a 220 to 240 volts power strip and you are on your way to enjoying a good trip with fully charged electrical appliances.

Final Words – Do I Need a Plug Adapter for Turkey?

Bringing adapters with you on your voyage to Turkey will not hurt you as they will take very little space in your bag. You can choose any of the connectors to charge your electrical devices while traveling in Turkey and they will work normally.

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