Do I Have To Know Speaking Turkish in Turkey?

Do I Have To Know Speaking Turkish in Turkey?

Do I Have To Know Speaking Turkish in Turkey?

Turkey is a culturally rich country with people from different ethnicities living in harmony for centuries. Although it is possible to come across people who speak languages like Kurmanji, Arabic, Armenian, or Zazaki in Turkey, the official language of the Republic of Turkey is Turkish. If you speak English, not speaking Turkish in Turkey as a tourist or a foreigner who lives in Turkey is not that much of a problem since English is taught as a mandatory class starting from the second grade to Turkish citizens. So, if you can’t speak Turkish, most Turkish people will be able to communicate with you by using their basic English knowledge.

Education For Children and Teens That Don’t Speak Turkish

Unfortunately, it is a little hard to get primary or secondary education in Turkey for a child or teen who is not speaking Turkish. Turkish constitution prohibits schools from teaching any other language than Turkish as a mother language. However, some private and public schools use bilingual teaching methods to teach classes in Turkish alongside English, French, or Russian. So, every foreign child or teen must speak at least a beginner level of Turkish if they want to be educated in Turkey.

Education for Adults and Young Adults That Don’t Speak Turkish

If you are a foreigner seeking to get higher education in Turkey but don’t speak Turkish, don’t worry! Although speaking Turkish would surely improve the quality of living your life as a foreigner in Turkey, it is not completely necessary if you plan to get your bachelor’s or master’s degree in Turkey. There are many universities in Turkey that offer undergraduate or graduate programs completely in English. You can join these programs without knowing a single word in Turkish. Some even offer programs in; German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, or Italian.

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Can You Live in Turkey Without Knowing Turkish?

To address the question of whether you can live in Turkey without knowing Turkish, the answer is yes; nevertheless, it is recommended that you acquire at least one word each day to improve your quality of life. These popular Turkish phrases are a great place to start. Learn these phrases, which range from a basic hello to words of affection, to make friends with Turkish people fast and effortlessly. Also, please read our article about Turkish culture and customs, which every newcomer to the nation should be aware of.