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Day Trip Destinations Around Istanbul

Day Trip Destinations Around Istanbul

Turkey’s travel restrictions are lifted, so it’s 100% safe to travel in Turkey now. Istanbul with its aura and charm of historical heritage has a lot more to offer to foreign visitors. Sharing six best day trips from Istanbul as the best Turkey travel plan idea.

Troy (Canakkale)

Yes, Troy the name says all. The historical place is a famous world heritage. This mythological popular site is also a must-visit place for its archaeological structures. As per history, there are many archaeological sites that were destroyed, and still, the ruined ones are there to tell that history. Even not being a very history lover, this spot is certainly fascinating.

Bursa (The Green City)

Bursa is a city that offers both historical heritage with the marvelous presence of nature. Bursa has many historical landmarks from the past Ottoman Empire and sultans. Here one must visit the Ulu Mosque, the historical central markets, and the Uludag mountain of Bursa. Uludag National Park is a must-visit for its spectacular view of the mountain where in winter one can go for the cable car, skiing, etc.

Belgrad Forest (Meeting with the Green)

As a day trip from Istanbul, Belgrad Forest is special for its presence. This is the protected forest in the whole of Turkey. Since 1521, it’s a 5000-hector forest with many hidden and historical remains. But as a traveler, it’s a beautiful place where you can spend time within a lush forest. Here walking, jogging, and hiking are always allowed and even safe.

Kilyos (Black Sea Beaches)

Especially in the summer, Kilyos is the most founded place with all its beautiful beaches. For someone who loves music, parties, or even laziness in the sunshine, this place is for them. It has a very different youthful vibe than the rest of the country.

When after such a long fearful home arrest for COVID-19, gradually, everything started to reopen again. It’s time to discover the spirit of life to start freshly with the jingles of life. Now it’s time to pack your backpack and plan for a cost-friendly short travel tour before entering into the hard-working professional world again.