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Common Parenting Mistakes and Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

Common Parenting Mistakes and Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

Parenting mistakes are a common part of raising children. Parenting is a tough job. Every parent would agree on one thing, no one can prepare you for this job. There are no trainings and no amount of advices or books can help you be a perfect parent. There is no such thing as a perfect parent because everyone makes mistakes, learns and then revise their parenting skills. So, don’t beat yourself up if you made a few mistakes and still make some while raising your children.

However, there are some parenting mistakes we should avoid, because they have truly negative consequences on child rearing. This article will guide you on the common parenting mistakes as well as parenting mistakes that we should try to avoid.

3 Common Parenting Mistakes

Making mistakes while raising kids are inevitable. As long as you learn from the mistakes and rectify them, you will not have caused much damage. The important point is to be aware of those mistakes and accept when you make one. The most common parenting mistakes are as follows:

  1. Handholding kids on their life’s journey –

    One of the biggest parenting mistakes that mane parents make but are not aware of are handholding their kids through their life’s path. It is understandable that you have the best interest of your children in your heart and want to protect them. But by handholding them and doing everything for them, they will never learn to live alone. What happens when you are not around anymore to take care of them? They will be lost. So, one of the parenting mistakes which you can avoid is not letting your kids grow up.

  2. Letting kids spend too much time cooped up indoors –

    This is one of the most common parenting mistakes Children today are surrounded by technology. So much so that they spend most of their time cooped up indoors. This is not only bad for their physical well-being but for their mental health as well. Studying is important and so in technology but not at the cost of their health. Make sure you push your children to have enough outdoor time. Let them play in nature. Every day schedule a time for them to go out because this is one parental mistake that is common but easily avoidable.

  3. Trying to be their friend –

    It is important to have an open communicative relationship with your children. But you cannot and should not strive to become their friends. There is a place for everyone in life and a reason for these relationships. The biggest parenting mistake you can make is take these relationships for granted. It is important that your children respect you and look up to you for guidance, advice and support. They need an adult figure in their lives who can correct them when they are wrong, and that figure should ideally be you. So, just keep being their parent instead of trying to be their friend.

3 Parenting Mistakes We Should Try to Avoid

Some mistakes are common and easily rectifiable. While some mistakes have a lifetime of negative consequences. As a parent you are accountable for the life and well-being of your children. And, you always want what is best for them. So, note these parenting mistakes to avoid because they can harm your child for lifetime.

  1. Not listening to your children –

    This is probably the biggest parenting mistake you can ever make. You absolutely must listen to your children when they tell you something. Give them your undivided attention and do not take it lightly. There have been numerous cases of child abuse where the children have tried to inform their parents but they didn’t pay heed. This one parenting mistake can cost your children their lives. They will not only be scarred forever but they will lose their trust on you. Listen to your children without judgement and seriously, like you would with any adult. Don’t make this big parenting mistake that other parents have, which led to the lifetime suffering of their children.

  2. Comparing your children to others –

    Every child is different. They learn differently, act differently and are a different individual as a whole. By comparing your children to others, you are putting pressure on them to become like someone else and lose their own individuality in the process. Every child is unique and as parents it is your duty to help them reach their full potential. Don’t make the parenting mistake od comparing your children to others. It will not serve any positive purposes, on the contrary, it will make your children lose their respect for you. They will not only become recluse and start avoiding you, but they will completely lose their self-esteem and confidence. They will grow up to become broken human beings who can never shine.

  3. Not allowing them to enjoy their childhood –

    Childhood is a happy time that doesn’t last very long. Why not let your children enjoy the very short childhood? This is one of the mistakes in parenting that is common but should be avoided at all cost. You want your children to shine in life, become successful and be the best version of themselves? Then let them play and enjoy their childhood. Don’t make the Asian parenting mistake of pushing your children to excel from a very early age. Science and research have proven that playing is the best way to help develop children’s brain. Even schools nowadays are applying this to help children become successful. So, instead of keeping them confined to their study desks, let them go out and play as much as they want.

Parenting Mistakes Consequences

While it is true that mistakes in parenting are unavoidable, some mistakes have graver consequences than others. Fixing parenting mistakes should also be considered. So, hopefully, this article will help you to understand which parental mistakes you should avoid to ensure your children’s well-being.  Make sure you avoid making the three biggest parental mistakes at all cost.